3 Chiefs Games Taylor Swift Won't Be Able to Attend in 2024

Taylor Swift has conflicts with three games in the Chiefs' schedule
Taylor Swift has conflicts with three games in the Chiefs' schedule / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Swift is the most popular musician in the world and certainly the most popular new Chiefs fan after the 2023 season. She's in the midst of an immensely popular and successful Eras Tour, though her schedule does leave time to attend some games to cheer on Travis Kelce and Kansas City.

We've got the full schedule now and while the NFL didn't do the Chiefs any favors, I'd guess some of the insistence on Kansas City playing in front of national audiences had to do with Swift and the many new fans she's brought along with her.

Thanks to one Swiftie on X.com, formerly known as Twitter, we know the exact three matchups that Taylor can't attend due to conflicts. The rest are up in the air, but she won't be available during these three:

3 Chiefs Games Taylor Swift Can't Attend in 2024

1. Week 7 @ San Francisco 49ers - Oct. 20 3:25 PM CST

This is obviously an exciting game for the Chiefs, though Swift will be performing in Miami on the 20th. It'll be her third straight and final night in the city and the afternoon tilt makes it impossible for her to make it.

Kansas City has two Super Bowl wins over San Francisco during this magical run, so the 49ers will try to punish the Chiefs and prove they can hang with the champs.

I expect Kyle Shanahan to throw everything and the kitchen sink at Andy Reid, especially if the army of Swifties won't be in attendance.

2. Week 8 @ Las Vegas Raiders - Oct. 27 @ 3:25 PM CST

The Raiders beat the Chiefs on Christmas Day in 2023 and this will be Kansas City's first chance at true revenge if you don't include winning a second straight Super Bowl, of course. Mecole Hardman caught a game-winning TD to win the team's third Lombardi Trophy in the past three years.

Swift has her final show in New Orleans that Sunday evening and cannot attend the game. The Chiefs play the Saints in Week 5 at home, though Swift has no apparent conflicts for that contest.

She won't miss many games, but unfortunately this is one of them.

3. Week 14 vs. Los Angeles Chargers - December 8 @ 7:20 PM CST

Jim Harbaugh's first game in Kansas City as Chargers coach will draw the attention, though this could theoretically be an important matchup on the schedule. If Los Angeles takes a big step forward under their new coach, perhaps this could even have AFC West implications.

I don't think that'll be the case, but Swift is busy either way. She's got the first night of her Eras Tour in Toronto at the same time, so she'll be a tad busy.

Aside from these three contents, Swift's touring schedule is wide open. She's got plenty going on obviously, but I'd guess that she's in attendance for quite a few Chiefs games this year. Kansas City has an opportunity to win three straight Super Bowls - why not be along for the ride?

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