KC Chiefs: John Lovett could be secret weapon in 2020

Princeton Tigers quarterback John Lovett (12) (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Princeton Tigers quarterback John Lovett (12) (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

To remain as the NFL’s top dog, the KC Chiefs will have to find new ways to keep opponents reeling. Fortunately, there’s one player that can help them to do just that and his name is John Lovett.

The Kansas City Chiefs don’t mind keeping Andy Reid‘s war chest stocked with weapons. They’ll even go as far as to change a player’s position to see how it benefits the team. One such player is second-year man, John Lovett. Lovett came to the Chiefs in 2019 via undrafted free agency after playing quarterback at Princeton.

With Kansas City having the quarterback position nailed down for a long time to come, they brought the signal-caller in for a different reason. Someone in the organization obviously saw something in Lovett that made him a unique asset.

Much like that of New Orleans’ Taysom Hill, Lovett has the potential to be a multidimensional offense threat. Had he not spent last season on injured reserve after a preseason injury, Chiefs Kingdom may have seen what he could do.

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Prior to that injury, Lovett was earning Coach Reid’s praise for his intelligence. Combine that intelligence with his versatility and the Chiefs may have found an incredible playmaker.

Even though Lovett spent last season on injured reserve, all was not lost. Fortunately, he was able to use the time learning the playbook without all the pressure of having to put it on the field right away.

Having spent time as a quarterback, Lovett knows what it takes to command an offense. That would certainly benefit him in another offensive position, especially one that would require him to know multiple roles. That in itself could make him a secret weapon. Just imagine having a player on the field who can catch, run, AND throw.

That last skillset becomes even more lethal knowing where other skill players are or could be at any given moment. Offensive plays can be disguised with Lovett lining up as an h-back or tight end.

With Reid’s creative genius, anything could transpire from that point. Teams already have a tough time covering Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Sammy Watkins at any given moment even without a player like Lovett in the mix.

Ultimately, as much as Lovett could be a huge success, he could also be in a spot to not even make the team. Hopefully, he’ll show enough in the coming months for Kansas City to keep him around. And hopefully, he returns well from injury and even sharper, having spent a season learning the offense.

If he can truly add a new wrinkle to what Reid can implement, he really could be the KC Chiefs’ secret weapon in 2020 and beyond.