KC Chiefs: Emotional attachments have to be set aside this offseason

The KC Chiefs are Super Bowl champions and it’s a great feeling! The downside of that, however, is that now the organization and the fans have emotional attachments to players and that could make it hard to cut ties with them.

Winning championships is nearly all positive, but there are a few negative aspects; One is that when tough decisions need to be made and might involve a player who was a hero during the run to the title.

Everyone wants that player to stay with the team, but sometimes it’s for the good of the team to part ways with them. This will be something the Kansas City Chiefs have to deal with this offseason.

Obviously the biggest storylines involve Patrick Mahomes and Chris Jones. Mahomes isn’t going anywhere and deserves whatever money he ends up getting. Jones, on the other hand, isn’t a safe bet to return to Kansas City in 2020 and as much as fans love and adore him, the Chiefs can’t break the bank to keep him in town even though he’s meant so much to this organization.

Some of the other players who might be hard to part ways with due to their impact throughout the playoffs are Daniel Sorensen and Sammy Watkins, both of whom stamped their legacies in Chiefs history during the playoffs this past season. Sorensen sniffed out the fake punt in the Divisional Round, which jumpstarted the comeback.

Watkins had three tremendous games throughout the postseason, including the game sealing touchdown in the AFC Championship Game and also had a HUGE catch in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs can save money by parting ways with both of these guys and as tough as it’ll be to see them go, fans will always have the memories.

Football – and sports in general – is a business. It was tough not bringing back all of those guys who helped the Royals make it to two World Series and win it all in 2015, but the best decision for the Royals franchise was to let them sign elsewhere because the team couldn’t afford to keep them around.

While football is different financially from baseball, the point remains the same; The Kansas City Chiefs can’t let their heart make the decisions this offseason, they have to make the smart decision and do what’s best for the organization moving forward and what’s going to get them to another Super Bowl as soon as possible.

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