KC Chiefs: Signing Chase Daniel as backup quarterback makes sense

The KC Chiefs have their franchise quarterback, but having a viable backup at the position is very important. Should the Chiefs bring back Chase Daniel to back up Patrick Mahomes in 2020?

When the Kansas City Chiefs traded for Alex Smith in 2013, they made another smart move at the time and that was signing Chase Daniel as his backup. It wasn’t cheap, but the move ended up being a decent one.

Daniel didn’t see the field much during his time with the Chiefs, but he made two starts and should have been 2-0 in those two starts (instead going 1-1). The point of a backup isn’t to get someone with the gaudiest stats, but to find someone familiar with the system and capable of filling in for a few games if need be.

Daniel has been a journeyman during his decade long career and has seldom been signed as the hopeful starter. Philadelphia inked him to a massive contract in 2016 and Daniel went on to appear in just one game that year, as Carson Wentz surpassed him on the depth chart.

From there, Daniel spent a year with the Saints and two years in Chicago with former Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy. Wherever Daniel’s gone, he’s been paid handsomely – even as a backup – but that might not be the case this year, as he’s 33 years old (turning 34 in October) and no longer the best option on the market.

Daniel’s last contract was two years for $10 million per Spotrac and with him being two years older and attempting just 64 passes last season, he should be significantly cheaper in 2020. He has been quoted as saying he’d love to return to Chicago (see below), but considering Mitchell Trubisky might not be the answer there, the Bears very well might look to add someone like Andy Dalton or Cam Newton in case they want to move on from Trubisky.

The Chiefs had to turn to their backup quarterback this past season for three games total and Matt Moore ended up being a huge contributor at his position. He’ll hit free agency this offseason as will other Chiefs quarterback Chad Henne, so the team will be in search of someone to backup Patrick Mahomes. Daniel is younger than both Moore and Henne, so bringing him back to Kansas City wouldn’t be absurd at all.

With Mahomes slated to get paid this offseason, Kansas City won’t be able to spend much on their backup, but with his age, Chase Daniel could potentially be in their price range. The question now becomes is he going to be able to go out there and keep the season afloat should Mahomes miss a few games?

Well, Daniel started one game last year and did okay, throwing for 231 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions en route to a 24-21 loss to the Raiders in London. The loss wasn’t his fault by any means and he did as much as he could to help the Bears win that game.

This might not be a super exciting signing if it did happen, but with Daniel’s history in Kansas City (and considering he went to college at Missouri), this could be a free agent signing that makes sense for the Chiefs in 2020.

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