Kansas City Chiefs: Madden simulation for Super Bowl LIV vs 49ers

The Kansas City Chiefs’ long-awaited Super Bowl appearance for the first time in 50 years will finally come this Sunday. Can they come out of Super Bowl LIV with a win? Let’s see what Madden predicts the outcome to be.

This year’s Super Bowl will feature a great head to head match-up of strength versus strength. The Kansas City Chiefs have arguably the best offense in football and the 49ers have arguably the best defense in football. This should lead to an interesting matchup.

As much as the Chiefs offense versus the 49ers defense has been talked about, let’s not discredit how well the Chiefs defense and the 49ers offensive units have played down the stretch. Both of those respective units often get overshadowed, but really have earned some respect and will obviously play key roles in the Super Bowl.

Madden has been incorrect quite a few times with their predictions this year, however, it is still a fun tool to look ahead for those who get antsy just to see what the outcome might be. Accurate or not, the Madden sim is the easiest way to get a preview of the game. So let’s take a look.

FINAL SCORE – Chiefs 26, 49ERS 34



Well, you know the old saying “defense wins championships”? Apparently, if Madden is correct, that saying holds true in the Super Bowl this year ending in a disappointing loss for Chiefs Kingdom.

Madden predicted the 49ers to have a sack show and grab a costly interception. The Chiefs have had moments of turnover struggles this year, but Mahomes has typically taken pretty good care of the ball.

Turnovers are huge in big games and that is a little worrisome for some Chiefs fans who are still just waiting for a fumble to bite the Chiefs in the butt. Mahomes turning it over seems a little less likely, but nevertheless can happen and could prove to be costly.

Protecting Mahomes and not giving away turnovers will be a big key in this game. In the Madden sim, the Chiefs failed at both and hence failed to bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

Another key for the Chiefs will be stopping the run, which again they failed to do in the sim, which was likely another big factor in the predicted loss.

The last thing that was likely a factor in this loss was Mahomes’ mediocre game. Interception aside, he still had a pretty quiet game for Patrick Mahomes, reigning MVP. The run game predictably flopped in the sim, which is why Mahomes needs to have not just a good game, but a GREAT game for the Chiefs on Sunday if they expect to come away victoriously.

Although this was a disappointing Madden sim for Chiefs fans, it can be a useful one. This can basically be used as a template of what exactly the Chiefs shouldn’t do if they want to win. This is basically the worst-case scenario for the Chiefs, so let’s hope one last time that Madden will have another incorrect prediction this year.

Go Chiefs!

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