KC Royals: Why Salvador Perez becoming U.S. citizen means so much

Every American should stop and pay attention to what will take place at Bartle Hall in Kansas City at KC Royals Fan Fest on Friday afternoon.

The Kansas City Royals announced Wednesday that six-time All-Star catcher and fan favorite Salvador Perez will officially become a U.S. Citizen on the main stage at 4 PM. Earlier this month, Perez passed the Naturalization Exam that tests knowledge of U.S. history and government and included a naturalization interview with a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officer.

This event represents more than just baseball. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what makes this country great. It represents the values and principles of what the United States was originally founded by.

Salvador Perez is a baseball player that fans of the Royals have had the opportunity to watch grow as not only a player, but also a person. Originally the Venezuelan was drafted at the age of 16 with dreams of someday coming to the U.S. to play the great game of baseball.

Those dreams eventually became a reality when Salvy broke into the league and made his Royals debut in 2011 at the age of 21.

During his early interviews as a Royal, Perez appeared to struggle with the language barrier yet he was still able to communicate a message of appreciation. His infectious smile and upbeat attitude should be something everyone should model. He has transitioned into a team spokesman and role model for future generations of those who want to take the path to citizenship.

In 2016, Perez donated $1 million to the Kansas City Urban Youth Academy and today has a field named after him in Venezuela. His contributions off the field will only continue to grow as will his popularity around MLB.

Perez united a city in 2014 with a single down the left field line in the 12th inning of the American League Wild Card Game. Now he’s uniting us with a message of gratitude, patriotism, and the true spirit of what it means to be American.

The strength of America will always be based on the contributions made by those like Salvador Perez who desire to become a part of this great nation through citizenship. Without a doubt, the main stage will be packed later Friday afternoon with fans wanting to watch and support Salvy during this ceremony. Rightfully it should be.

Congratulation Salvy and thank you to the KC Royals organization and their fans for making this a special occasion!

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