Kendall Fuller has been disappointing for Kansas City Chiefs

When the Kansas City Chiefs traded for Kendall Fuller prior to the 2018 season, fans were hoping he’d be the next great corner in KC. That has sadly not been the case.

Over the past few weeks, one of the talking points on the Kansas City Chiefs‘ defense has been how the secondary has played better than expected. That’s because of Charvarius Ward and rookie Rashad Fenton, who have played exceptionally in 2019. Kendall Fuller was supposed to be the one getting the glory in the secondary, but he’s been disappointing.

The Chiefs brought Fuller in via a trade with the Washington Redskins that shipped Alex Smith to D.C. and brought Fuller and a third round pick to Kansas City. When Fuller arrived, fans figured having both him and Marcus Peters in the secondary would make the unit the next big “no fly zone”.

Well, Peters was traded not long after and Fuller has, for the most part, been disappointing. He was all right in 2018, but this season he’s been on the shelf since week seven and his absence has allowed Chiefs fans to see that their secondary is just fine without Fuller.

In fact, Fuller’s injury has paved the way for Rashad Fenton to make more of a name for himself and he’s done just that. The sixth round rookie out of South Carolina has done more for the Chiefs in the past few weeks than Fuller has all season.

With Fuller set to hit free agency after this year, it’s very possible that the Chiefs let him walk. Having to pay Patrick Mahomes and Chris Jones is going to take a lot of dough and Kendall Fuller hasn’t proved worthy of a contract extension.

Fuller started four games this year and played in six total, tallying 31 tackles and two defended passes. He wasn’t necessarily bad, but Fenton and Ward have played better than him. They’re younger and cheaper options at the position (which is crazy to think considering Fuller is only 24 years old) and that makes Fuller expandable moving forward.

Trading for Fuller wasn’t a bad move because the Chiefs were going to move on from Smith anyway. Sometimes trades don’t work out and that was simply what happened here.

Now, it’s certainly possible that Fuller returns to the gridiron, plays well, and all of this is just gibberish, but as of this writing, Kendall Fuller hasn’t lived up to the hype and moving on from him this offseason wouldn’t be crazy at all.

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