Kansas City Chiefs: Madden Simulation for Week 10 vs Titans

The Kansas City Chiefs were able to buy Patrick Mahomes another week of rest and came away with a big win over the Vikings. With Mahomes set to start this week, let’s see if Madden thinks the Chiefs can get another big win.

This Kansas City Chiefs defense and back up quarterback Matt Moore deserve a lot of praise for how they’ve played since Mahomes’ injury. Moore stepped right in and played like a starting-caliber quarterback and the defense has had their struggles, but last week specifically stepped up in a huge way.

Last week in the Madden simulation, I wishfully started Mahomes, which we all know didn’t happen in the actual game. However, that didn’t matter the Chiefs still made Madden look good and came away with a win.

Last week, Madden predicted that Tyreek Hill would have a big game and not only did he have a great game but he even far surpassed what Madden predicted for him. Madden predicted a pretty quiet game for the Chiefs running backs, but Damien Williams was able to prove them wrong with that prediction.

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I can’t really hold too much against Madden from last week though since I started Mahomes and we all know that is a complete game-changer when he is in the game. Let’s see what Madden had to say about this week.

FINAL SCORE – CHIEFS 21, Titans 14



The Madden sim is predicting a little bit of a slow start for Mahomes in his return to action. A win is a win though, so while we’d all love to see Mahomes come out and toss four touchdowns, Chiefs Kingdom would gladly take this result.

The thing that I love about this sim is that they had the Chiefs defense dominating. It would be very nice if the defense can build off of their good game last week to become a consistently solid defense.

In the sim, the Chiefs absolutely destroyed the Titans in the sack battle, four sacks to none. Even better than winning the sack battle would be the Chiefs keeping the Titans off of Mahomes, so that zero sacks tally would look great on Sunday.

Another pleasant sight would be just 32 yards for Derrick Henry. The Chiefs played excellent against the run last week, so Chiefs Kingdom would love to see them make a habit of this.

This should be an exciting game for Chiefs Kingdom getting to see their franchise quarterback return from injury. Although Madden predicts a pretty boring game in Nashville this week, it’s still a good day when you get to see Mahomes sling the football (especially when the Kansas City Chiefs win).


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