Kansas City Royals: Alex Gordon off to nice start in 2019

The Kansas City Royals are not doing well to start 2019, but left fielder Alex Gordon is off to a nice start for the boys in blue.

Sure, it’s way too early to be applauding anyone in Major League Baseball, but Alex Gordon deserves some recognition. Kansas City Royals fans didn’t expect one of the few positives nearly two weeks into the season to be Gordon’s offensive production, especially considering how bad he’s been since signing his massive four-year deal in 2016.

Prior to Wednesday’s game versus the Mariners, Gordon is slashing .313/.442/.531 with two home runs and ten RBI in 32 at bats. He’s recorded eight hits and nine runs during his time at the plate this season.

Now, yes, it’s still WAY too early to be excited about this, but fans have to feel good for Gordon here. The guy signed a contract that most of us knew he wouldn’t live up to (it was more about paying him for what he had done in previous years) and looked awful during the first two seasons.

He barely batted above the Mendoza line in both 2016 and 2017, but Gordon did improve a bit last year offensively. He batted .245 with 13 home runs and looked to be slowly be getting his confidence back at the plate.

This season, Gordon is batting third in the lineup and has done well there thus far. On Monday against the Mariners, Gordon recorded two hits, both ended up as RBI, giving him ten total through the first nine games.

In comparison, it took Gordon until game 13 last year to even RECORD an RBI. He ended up with three in game 13 last year, but the fact that he’s already notched ten through the first ten games of the season should give Royals fans hope.

No, Alex Gordon won’t be that same playmaker on offense we saw in years past, but the guy is 35 years old. If he can be decent offensively this season, maybe, just MAYBE, the Kansas City Royals would consider keeping him in Kansas City in 2020. He has a mutual option for next season, but it’s for $23 million, so it’s unlikely that deal gets agreed upon. The option has a $4 million buyout.

Either way, it’s been great to see Alex Gordon find his groove again at the plate. This won’t last for the entire season obviously, but after some rough offensive seasons, Gordon having success with his bat is fun to watch. Hopefully he can continue to be productive and plate runs for the Royals.