Kansas City Royals: Seuly Matias continues impressive power display

(Photo by Rob Foldy/Miami Marlins via Getty Images)
(Photo by Rob Foldy/Miami Marlins via Getty Images) /

Seuly Matias is a talented farm hand for the Kansas City Royals, and he is pounding the ball in Single A-ball for the Lexington Legends.

There hasn’t been much to cheer about at the Major League level this year as the Kansas City Royals have produced the second worse record in baseball this season at 22-45. The organization is in full rebuild mode, and that is something everyone needs to accept.

There do seem to be some things to be excited about for the future, albeit probably the distant future. One of the things fans should be at least paying attention to is the power of Seuly Matias.

A couple of weeks ago, Matias was hailed as a rising star in the organization. In his 44 At Bats since then, he has only solidified his position as a top prospect for the Royals.

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In those last 44 AB, Matias has six home runs and 30 Runs Batted In. According to MiLB.com, on the season, he has 20 homers, which is the tops of any minor league player across baseball. He now has 37 RBI and a whopping 115 Total Bases in 51 games.

His 20 home runs and his .639 Slugging Percentage both lead the South Atlantic League by good margins.

Players with impressive power at the age of 19 are not all that common for the Royals. Hitting dingers against Low A-ball pitchers at Lexington is not the same as doing it against MLB hurlers, but it is still enough for fans to pay attention and to start to feel a little excited.

Patience will be a virtue with Matias, both from the fans and from the Royals. While that power is impressive, exciting, and enticing, Matias is still only 19 and will need plenty of seasoning in the minors before he can be considered for the big league roster.

Matias is starting to generate some hype. Patrick Brennan of Royals Review broke down Matias’ Isolated Power numbers and noticed how it is much higher than some current MLB power hitters when they were at this level.

"Wow. Matias and his stupidly high .399 ISO lead by a mile on a list filled with some big names (Joey Gallo, Giancarlo Stanton, Miguel Sano, Trevor Story, and Jay Bruce)…"

Even The Kansas City Star is jumping on the Matias bandwagon. The warning here is for fans (and writers) to be patient. Yes, when the games at Kauffman Stadium are so bad, it is easy to buy into a hyped up young player like Matias.

Just be realistic. While Sealy Matias may very well be a tremendous power hitter for years in Kansas City, it probably won’t be for a while – at least two years, most likely three, before he’s in a Royals uniform.

Everyone just needs to hope he stays healthy and continues to develop. There is a lot of work to do because he also has 74 strikeouts already. The raw talent appears to be there; it just needs to be polished. Enjoy the growing legend but temper your enthusiasm with realism.

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Seuly Matias might eventually make his way onto the Kansas City Royals all-time home run leaderboard but that is several years away. Still, it is fun to dream and hope he can be a star in Kansas City.