Kansas Basketball: Chandler Lawson, brother of Dedric and K.J., could be a Jayhawk in 2019

MEMPHIS, TN - DECEMBER 10: Dedric Lawson
MEMPHIS, TN - DECEMBER 10: Dedric Lawson /

Kansas Basketball looks to have another big recruiting year when it comes to 2019 prospects. The younger brother of Dedric and K.J. may be the anchor.

The combination of Bill Self, Norm Roberts, Jerrance Howard, and Kurtis Townsend’s recruiting skills are deadly. Absolutely unfair. It seems that year after year Kansas Basketball brings in one top recruiting class after another.

The recruiting style may not be as sexy as, say, Kentucky’s style, but Kansas Basketball very rarely lacks fresh talent. According to Jeff Borzello of ESPN, the Kansas Jayhawks have the 3rd best-recruiting class in 2019. As of this second, the only commit is four-star Chicago standout, Markese Jacobs.

The pure reason for the high ranking is the high expectancy that the Jayhawks will be big players for big names. A big name that could be a major anchor for the 2019 class is the younger brother of current Jayhawks Dedric and K.J. Lawson.

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Dedric and K.J. both transferred from Memphis and sat last season out per NCAA rules. Coach Self has hinted that Dedric may be a candidate for Big 12 Player of the Year.

Chandler Lawson is the 50th ranked player in the 2019 class. He is a 6’8″ forward that can play all over the court. He may be the better of all the Lawson clan, but time will tell.

Chandler can shoot from anywhere, and that is as accurate a statement that I can make when analyzing his play on the court. He is a natural shooter that seems to be comfortable no matter what the situation is and no matter where he shoots the ball.

Chandler’s Memphis East team is loaded with talent, including top prospect James Wiseman and Wichita State commit Alex Lomax. The same eyes that have been watching them have been watching Chandler. He doesn’t get lost in the game film either.

He possesses a hook shot that should be admired, as well as a quickness to the rim. From receiving the ball to getting to the rim, it happens quickly. He has an eye for the offense, often finding the open guy when the in and out style is being played. This mixtape from courtsidefilms.com shows off the many things Chandler can do.

Lawson manages to use the gift of his long arms to his advantage on the defensive side, bringing in rebounds and swatting away the failed attempts to shoot the ball by local gym rats and the likes thereof.

His style fits Bill Self and what he tends to like from his bigger men. Along with the normal rebounding, inside shooting and defensive prowess that is often expected of the forward position, coach enjoys his guys being able to shoot from the outside. Not only the outside shot but also being capable of finding the open shooter from under the basket. The inside-out game is majorly important and something the 2017 team lacked.

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Lawson is only one of many targets, but making this a family affair has its perks. The Jayhawks have always enjoyed bringing family members on to the squad.