Mizzou Football: J’Mon Moore lands with Green Bay

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 27: J'Mon Moore /

As expected J’Mon Moore became the first Mizzou football player taken in the 2018 NFL draft when he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers.

J’mon Moore was selected in the fourth round with the 133rd pick overall by the Green Bay Packers. The 6’2 210lb wide receiver is the first Mizzou player drafted and will be a big and fast target for Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers.

Moore put up big numbers once he became a starter his junior season. In two years as a starter, he averaged over 1,000 yards receiving and nine touchdowns a season as a Drew Lock’s number one target.

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He high points the ball well and is a true deep threat. He only ran a 4.58 40 yard dash at the combine, but his game film shows he’s faster on the field than that time says. He has a huge wingspan of just over 78 inches so he’s hard to miss.

The reason Moore wasn’t taken until the fourth round is the problems with his hands. He’s had problems with drops his whole career at Mizzou. He has a tendency to let the ball get into his body instead of reaching out with his hands to pick it out of the air.

His slow 40 time and cone drills at the combine didn’t help him either. A lot of teams put big stock into those numbers and Moore simply did not test well. Part of the problem was the test had him do things he hasn’t done at Mizzou. He only ran about three routes at Mizzou so he’ll need to prove that he can adapt his game to an NFL level route tree.

Despite his last two solid seasons at Mizzou Moore is still a raw talent. He’ll need to hit the books hard and show the Packers that he’s willing to put in the work it will take for him to become a polished NFL starter. He’ll need to learn the routes and add 10 to 15 pounds of meat to his bones to handle hard jams at the line.

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If he can get on the practice field, learn those new routes and work on his hands he could become a big weapon for Rodgers. He has a quarterback who will put the ball in the place it needs to be so he just needs to trust his hands and his abilities and make the plays.

There is no doubt he’ll get the training and education he needs in Green Bay to be successful. It is up to him as to whether he accepts that education and brings it to the field. He has a high ceiling and it will be fun for Mizzou fans to watch and see if he can put it all together to reach it.