Kansas City Chiefs: Matt McGloin has no affect on draft plans

DENVER, CO - JANUARY 1: Quarterback Matt McGloin
DENVER, CO - JANUARY 1: Quarterback Matt McGloin /

The Kansas City Chiefs signed Matt McGloin as the third quarterback on the roster, but that doesn’t mean he will stay at the position for the season.

When the Kansas City Chiefs signed Matt McGloin to a deal I didn’t give it a second look. He’s a bad quarterback who should never dress for a game, let alone see the field.

But then I saw multiple tweets and stories talking about how now the Chiefs don’t need to bring in a rookie quarterback. That is just a horrible way to think and would frustrate me to no end. A good franchise should select a quarterback every year whether they have no quarterbacks on the roster or three deep with studs.

McGloin originally signed with the Philadelphia Eagles last off-season to a one year, $800,000 contract. He was cut before the season started then signed with the Houston Texans where he was cut a week later. We have not seen the details from his deal with the Chiefs as of yet, but it’s safe to say it won’t be much above league minimum.

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That means he’s no different or irreplaceable as anyone else making the minimum salary; they can be cut at anytime with money being no worry. This is the main reason I can’t understand why people think his signing keeps the Chiefs out of the rookie QB market. The other reason, of course, being that McGloin is horrible.

Now, with Patrick Mahomes III at starter and Chad Henne at backup, I don’t believe the Chiefs should be looking for a QB early in the draft. I don’t believe they would look at QB until at least the fifth round.

The good news for the Chiefs is that there are always quarterbacks worth considering late in the draft or even into free agency. This year is no exception as there are some names fans should keep an eye on. Mike White out of Western Kentucky is the earliest name I could see being called by the Chiefs.

At 6’4, 220 pounds, White has the size and arm strength that teams love. He’s a guy you could grab in the fifth or sixth round and give a shot in camp to see if his game can adjust to the league. Chase Litton and Jeremiah Briscoe are two other quarterbacks who fit the size and arm strength mold that warrant a look by teams. A wildcard could be a player like J.T. Barrett out of Ohio State who would be best moved to a different position, but could give you an emergency third string guy without wasting a designated spot for it.

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We all know the chance of one of these guys being Tyler Bray is far more likely than one of them being Tom Brady. But the Chiefs don’t need to find the next Brady with one of these guys, what they need to find is the next Matt Cassel or Kevin Kolb. A player that can show some signs of greatness that gets the Chiefs a steal in trade value in a few years. McGloin will never have that trade value, so he should be nothing more than a camp arm and should not get in the way of any rookie.