Sunday Soapbox: Kansas City Royals need to wake up

The 2018 MLB season is going to be here before we know it. Well, at least it looks like it’ll be here before the Kansas City Royals know it. Time to do something.

We are a little more than a month away from the Kansas City Royals first Spring Training game of 2018. Yet we are sitting here with almost no clue as to what this roster is going to look like. While I understand that the free agency market has been very slow this year, at some point you have to make some decisions.

We all know that Kansas City is sitting at a crossroads. On the one hand, none of their top free agents have been claimed by another team. That means the Royals could potentially bring them back. On the other hand, this is also the perfect opportunity to start a big rebuild for the future. Neither decision is inherently “wrong”.

What is wrong is to simply not make a decision at all. It’s like Dayton Moore is waiting for everyone else to decide what he’s going to do. C’mon man. Show some fire. If the rest of the league is going to play it slow, be the team that gets aggressive! Go out there and make some moves, one way or another.

Hell…even the September concert announcement is boring.

Rebuilding Is Fine

This isn’t just a call for the Kansas City Royals to re-sign their current free agents. No, I am perfectly fine with the team deciding now is the time to rebuild. They’ve certainly been talking  that way, making it known that everyone on the roster is available for trade. That’s great…now act on it.

It does no good to say that anyone can be had in a trade, and then not trade anyone. Sure, Kansas City got involved in the confusing five-way trade earlier this offseason. However, that wasn’t a convincing move for anyone. The Royals moved Joakim Soria and Scott Alexander…so what? That doesn’t say anything.

It’s not as though KC doesn’t have trade assets. Whit Merrifield and Kelvin Herrera stand out as players that should be coveted by a number of teams. The Royals could also move Danny Duffy and get a fantastic return on the ace pitcher. The pieces are there, the fan base is understanding, and there is sure to be interest…what the hell are you waiting for?

Just Make The Decision Already

The most frustrating part about all of this for Kansas City Royals fans is that there is no indication one way or the other about what this team is doing. They are willing to trade just about anyone on the roster…but are apparently still in the Eric Hosmer market. Are you ready to rebuild, or looking to keep pushing with the current group? Just decide!

As GM, it’s Dayton Moore’s job to determine the direction of the Royals organization. Whatever direction that is, I don’t particularly care. Just get onto it and start moving! There is no way that we should be this far into the MLB offseason, and have no idea what to expect for the upcoming season.

I know I’m not alone here. Fans expect to know at least what kind of team we’ll see on the field. That’s not unreasonable this close to Spring Training. What is unreasonable is to be having the same questions in late January that we had in early November. Right now it feels like someone is asleep at the wheel in Kauffman Stadium.

Wake up!

If it’s time for the Kansas City Royals to rebuild, then let’s do it. If it’s time for the Royals to push forward and keep the current core together, then do that. Just do something! Having a strategy of doing nothing isn’t going to get you anywhere. At some point you have to be willing to take the initiative. Be the team that sets things in motion.