Royals Rumors: Slow offseason could benefit Kansas City

Kansas City Royals. (Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Kansas City Royals. (Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

The offseason has been excruciatingly slow for Major League Baseball this year. However, the latest Royals Rumors are indicating this could benefit Kansas City.

When the 2017 season ended, we all thought that was the end of the Kansas City Royals core group of players. Lorenzo Cain, Eric Hosmer, and Mike Moustakas were all reportedly coveted free agents this offseason. However, all three are still free agents, and the latest Royals rumors say that could benefit Kansas City.

All around Major League Baseball we are seeing teams take their time with the free agent market. Every team in baseball seems content to let the market calm down for all the potential star power out there. As options fill up, it is the players who have to adjust their terms. As the numbers drop or even out, Kansas City has a better chance to compete.

Ryan Davis over at Fan Rag Sports recently listed Kansas City as one of three teams that could benefit from this slow market. The reasoning was that with the markets on Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer not being that busy, the two Royals stars may opt to stay where they are. It would just require KC to make a similar offer.

Markets Continue To Shrink

About a week ago, Leigh Olesczcak told you about the shrinking market for Kansas City Royals free agents. Specifically, Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas were seeing teams fill up their openings. All of the Royals rumors seemed to be about teams deciding not to add Hosmer, Moustakas, or Lorenzo Cain.

Update: The Royals have reportedly offered Eris Hosmer a 7-year, $147 million contract (per Bob Nightengale of USA Today).

That situation continues to hold true as all three players are down to just a couple of teams showing interest, including KC. You would have to think that at some point in the near future, the agents for these players will be coming to Dayton Moore with offers. At that point, the Royals will be in control for a change.

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It still remains very unlikely that the Royals could retain all three players. However, getting one, or even two, of them back is not only possible, but now is almost in the realm of probable. That is a huge swing in momentum from where the team was.

Other Plans Go On Hold

Of course, if the Kansas City Royals do re-sign one, two, or even all three of their prize free agents, it closes the door on other opportunities. That is especially true of the Royals rumors saying the team is ready to start a rebuild. If they can retain a couple of their pending free agents, there is no way they go into a rebuild in 2018.

More from Kansas City Royals

Over the past month we have heard rumblings of the Royals being willing to trade just about anyone. That includes Whit Merrifield, Kelvin Herrera, and even Danny Duffy. However, if Kansas City can keep someone from the group of Lorenzo Cain, Eric Hosmer, and Mike Moustakas, you can close the books on trading away talent.

In fact, it would be an exact opposite scenario. We would likely see KC jump into the buyer’s seat and look to add talent through the free agent and trade markets. There have been Royals rumors about Dayton Moore targeting Jackie Bradley Jr.

An offseason that was supposed to be all about good-byes is now completely up in the air. Let’s hope the Royals can capitalize somehow.

Our Royals rumors have been all over the place this offseason. It has been a completely unpredictable marketplace in free agency, and that has thrown everything off around the league. Now the Kansas City Royals are in a solid position to take advantage of the chaos.