Mizzou Football: Drew Lock sets record in win vs Arkansas

Mizzou football has ended their 2017 season on a solid high note. Especially quarterback Drew Lock who set the SEC and school marks in touchdowns Friday.

It seems like forever ago when the Mizzou football program looked all but defeated and ready to call it quits. However, a soft late-season schedule allowed the Tigers to get back on track and rip off some wins. The last one of the 2017 regular season for the Missouri Tigers came today as Drew Lock wrote his name in the record books.

As the Tigers beat down the Arkansas Razorbacks, Drew Lock threw his 41st touchdown pass of the season in the second quarter of the game. That pushed him ahead of Andre Woodson, who set the mark in 2007 at 40. It’s a huge feather in the cap for the junior quarterback.

For Mizzou football as a whole though, this game was a solid win that helped them save a disastrous season. Barry Odom spent much of the year on the hot seat as the Tigers racked up loss after loss to start the season. However, this late surge now has them heading to a bowl game in December.

Drew Lock Emerges As A Star

There is no doubt that the strength of this team came on the arm of Drew Lock. The Missouri Tigers were all but finished this season. Lock threw for at least three touchdowns in all but three games this season. During the current six-game winning streak, he was especially effective (though not always efficient).

However, the next big step for Drew Lock may not involve Mizzou football. The junior is riding a record-setting season, and may decide to declare for the 2018 NFL Draft. While much of the season didn’t go the Tigers way, Lock will certainly have the kinds of numbers that will attract some NFL attention.

That would be a major setback for Mizzou as they look to keep building, but it’s not a guarantee. You can bet that Barry Odom will look to give his very best pitch to Drew Lock over the next several weeks to try and counter some of the media hype. This will be a big story to watch moving forward.

Mizzou Is Going Bowling

While the Tigers have salvaged their season, it would be a mistake to call this a good one for Mizzou football. Missouri will finish tied for third with Kentucky in the SEC East. Early losses to South Carolina and Kentucky especially hurt at this point as they know what could have been.

However, the fact that Mizzou was able to claw its way back into the bowl picture is notable. The Tigers will be playing in December, and that helps a lot with recruiting. Barry Odom and his staff will have something to work with this offseason as they pursue potential recruits across the country.

It’s hard to say just what bowl the Tigers will end up landing this year. We’ll know more as the rest of the weekend plays out and other teams finish up their seasons. However, Mizzou fans should expect something in late December. A January 1st game is definitely out of the picture, but there are plenty of other good games they could land a seat at.

What a season for Mizzou football. There just isn’t any way you could have predicted this. A season that started with a lot of hope quickly fell apart. Then, as things seemed doomed, Barry Odom and Drew Lock lead the program back from the brink. You have to hope that Lock is back next year to see just how far this team can go.

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