Kansas City Chiefs: Slew of primetime games begin in week four

(Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images)
(Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images) /

It used to seem like the Kansas City Chiefs were neglected from primetime games, but this season is different. The Chiefs will have six straight games in which they’re in the spotlight.

There was a time not too long ago when it was rare to see the Kansas City Chiefs in more than just the standard Thursday Night Football primetime game. Even when the Chiefs were good from 2013-2015, they were often left out of the spotlight.

Part of why the Chiefs were likely excluded from these big games was because they always choked in the bright lights of primetime. Before last season, the Chiefs had struggled tremendously in primetime, in particular on Sunday Night Football.

The Chiefs were 0-4 in Sunday Night Football games before last season, which could have been why people didn’t really have an itch to watch them play. Last season, however, a switch was flipped for the Chiefs, as they went on to beat the Broncos twice on Sunday Night Football. Those victories earned them the respect of the NFL, as they were rewarded with eight “unofficial” primetime games.

Two of those games are the afternoon game on CBS, but are “America’s Game of the Week”, so I figure that counts. Everyone with cable gets to see those games, so isn’t that considered primetime to an extent?

We already saw the Chiefs in their first primetime game of the year, a week one victory in Foxborough over the Super Bowl champion Patriots. Now we’ll begin a long stretch of primetime games for the KC Chiefs, as Monday will mark the beginning of six straight spotlight games for this team.

Here’s a look at the dates, times, and channels for said games:

Monday, October 2nd – Washington Redskins – 7:30 CST (ESPN)

Sunday, October 8th – at Houston Texans – 7:30 CST (NBC)

Sunday, October 15th – Pittsburgh Steelers – 3:25 CST (CBS)

Thursday, October 19th – at Oakland Raiders – 7:25 CST (CBS/NFL Network)

Monday, October 30th – Denver Broncos – 7:30 CST (ESPN)

Sunday, November 5th – at Dallas Cowboys – 3:25 CST (CBS)

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The Chiefs will be a part of primetime action for the entire month of October and into November. That’s pretty great considering this team was largely ignored when it came to big games for a long time. By the end of this stretch, people will probably be sick of watching the Chiefs. Can you believe that? The same way we feel about the Packers and Giants will be how fans feel about our squad. Crazy.

It wouldn’t be a primetime schedule if the games weren’t challenging, so don’t expect these games to be a cakewalk for Kansas City. Three of them, however, will take place at Arrowhead Stadium, so that will certainly help.

The final primetime game of the year will be in week 15 against the Chargers at Arrowhead. It’ll be held on a Saturday evening, which should get the crowd rocking and rolling.

After years of being ignored by the national media, it’s great to see our Kansas City Chiefs finally getting a lot of air time. So get ready Chiefs Kingdom, beginning on Monday, our men in red will be on the big screen in the biggest game for SIX straight weeks!

Which primetime game are you the most excited for?