Kansas City Chiefs rumors link team to Joe Haden

Potential Kansas City Chiefs free agent target Joe Haden. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Potential Kansas City Chiefs free agent target Joe Haden. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Shortly after the Browns released Joe Haden, the Kansas City Chiefs were identified as one of the top suitors to be the cornerback’s new team.

The Cleveland Browns have released cornerback Joe Haden, and the Kansas City Chiefs are considered a top suitor for his talents. A move like this would address one of the early concerns the Chiefs have faced in the preseason. A move like this also will be a costly one, but it may be worth it.

So far this preseason, we have seen some struggles from the Kansas City depth chart at cornerback. The starting job at corner is believed to be settled. Marcus Peters, Steven Nelson, and Terrance Mitchell held up well last season. However, behind them there hasn’t been much to get excited about.

Adding Joe Haden to the mix would likely make Terrance Mitchell a depth player, which is not a bad scenario at all for KC. Haden and Marcus Peters on the field at the same time would be trouble for a lot of quarterbacks. When you factor in the Chiefs talented safeties, that may be the best starting secondary in the NFL even.

What Is The Cost?

Of course, the biggest hurdle the Kansas City Chiefs will face here is the cost. Joe Haden is 28 years old and coming off of a pretty lucrative deal. It seems unlikely that he will sign any kind of a cheap contract right now.

Even if Joe Haden were amenable to a one-year “prove it” deal, that would likely cost above $6 million. Comparable contracts would likely include Buster Skrine, Brent Grimes, and Prince Amukamara. The Chiefs can technically afford that, but it wouldn’t leave much financial breathing room for the rest of the season.

Any contract longer than that would probably mean paying Joe Haden at his maximum potential value. Again, the Chiefs could make that work technically, but it would put their financial future into a much worse position.

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Risk Vs Reward

Ultimately the Kansas City Chiefs will have to decide just how much upgrading the cornerback spot is worth to them. There is no denying that a strong secondary is a major need in today’s NFL. Adding Joe Haden to the roster should help the Chiefs in that regard.

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On the other hand, Joe Haden is going to cost some valuable resources. The Kansas City leadership will have to decide whether they are willing to use those resources on Haden, and just how much they are willing to spend. For a team that has been tight against the salary cap on a year to year basis, that is a tough call.

Ultimately, I don’t see this deal going through for the Chiefs. Unless Joe Haden is willing to take a significant pay cut this year to play, it’s hard to see Kansas City going after him. I imagine the team will at least talk to his agent and see if they can work something out.

Sometimes you never know just what will play out.

The Kansas City Chiefs have built a strong roster for 2017, but they still need some help. Adding Joe Haden would be a significant move that would boost the roster majorly. The question is whether or not the Chiefs can afford to make that move. I’m pessimistic, but we have seen the team get aggressive already this year.