Kansas City Chiefs: Mike DeVito loves him some Allen Bailey

Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Allen Bailey. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Allen Bailey. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Former Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman has been keeping tabs on his old team, especially his former partner on the defensive line, Allen Bailey.

It’s always great when you see a football expert hyping up someone on your team. For Kansas City Chiefs fans, it has to be nearly impossible to not get excited over how Mike DeVito is talking about Allen Bailey. The former Chiefs defensive end has had some very positive things to say about Bailey on twitter in recent weeks.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the two are friends. There has been a lot of talk in recent years about how close this Kansas City Chiefs organization has become. Winning a lot of football games will do that. However, seeing how well-connected many of the former players stay to the current roster is telling.

It’s especially a good sign that Allen Bailey is drawing such praise from a guy who knows the position. During his time in Kansas City, Mike DeVito played a major role on the defensive line as a run specialist. His knowledge of the position, and Bob Sutton’s defense, makes him the perfect person to provide a read on just how good Bailey looks right now.

Filling A Big Need

Allen Bailey is certainly deserving of positive mentions right now. The big man has been absolutely dominant during his preseason action so far. Coming off of an injury-shortened season, Bailey has to have been looking forward to getting back on the field. If what we have seen so far is any indication, then the Chiefs are going to benefit a lot from his return.

Like many teams in the NFL, the Chiefs rely heavily on their base four-man pass rush to create pressure. That hasn’t been something Allen Bailey was known for in the past. However, he has shown early on this year that he has the ability to get into the backfield and create havoc. That’s huge.


This is the kind of development that can be a bit of a game-changer for the Chiefs. We already know to expect Justin Houston and Chris Jones to create a lot of pressure. If Allen Bailey can get in on the action as well, that is going to make it very tough on opposing quarterbacks.

The Family Stays In Tact

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It’s also a good sign for the Kansas City Chiefs that players like Mike DeVito keep up with the team. That shows the family mentality the Chiefs preach is very much in tact. Guys wanting to follow their former team and teammates is a great sign as to the strength and character of the organization.

It’s also an outstanding resource for us fans. Chiefs Kingdom can get lost in the rabbit hole of arguing football, so having these expert opinions readily available is an excellent tool. You can bet that

Mike DeVito will have plenty to say about this year’s team if what we are seeing now continues into the regular season.

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking like a strong team for the 2017 season. Allen Bailey seems like he is ready to play a big role in that. His efforts have been enough to impress a seasoned professional like Mike DeVito, so the rest of Chiefs Kingdom should be feeling pretty good about this as well.