Kansas City Chiefs: 10 things to watch vs the Bengals

Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones. (Photo by Reed Hoffmann/Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones. (Photo by Reed Hoffmann/Getty Images) /
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The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to Cincinnati for their second preseason game of 2017. Here are ten things to watch for against the Bengals.

After a quality performance for the starters and many of the backups last week, the Kansas City Chiefs will face a new test this weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Chiefs will need to step up their game this week as the Bengals certainly bring more talent to the field than the 49ers. That will also give us some answers to outstanding questions.

Chiefs fans are feeling pretty good about things right now. Sure, that might be the case for most fan bases this time of year, but in Kansas City there is a new reason for feeling good. Last week we saw rookie Patrick Mahomes make his preseason debut and acquit himself well. In fact, he was good enough to move up the depth chart to the #2 job. A big step.

On top of that, there were a lot of things that the starters and top backups showed in their preseason opener against the 49ers. The Chiefs appeared to clearly be the better team on the field for much of the night, despite the final score. They also showed a lot of promise in areas that had been of concern coming into the season.

Questions Never End

However, questions will always remain until the end of the season. There is always something more to learn about the team, especially during the preseason. The truth is that we still have a good ways to go before the season starts. That means there are still plenty of questions to answer.

For the Kansas City Chiefs, we still need some validation of what we saw last week. Was that the team we’re fielding in 2017, or was it all just a one night thing? The only way to find out is to keep playing and watching. With the Chiefs headed to Cincinnati this weekend, we’ll get a chance to get some answers to more questions.