Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes taking reps with second team

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The most exciting part of the Kansas City Chiefs’ preseason opener on Friday was seeing Patrick Mahomes in action for the first time. Mahomes did well enough that the Chiefs have bumped him to the second quarterback spot this week.

After an impressive debut in the preseason opener against the 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes is being given a chance to work with the second team this week. The news surfaced out of training camp on Sunday morning.

This isn’t a surprising move at all given the fact that Mahomes played well and Tyler Bray, the backup on Friday night, did not look all that great. It’s only fair that Mahomes gets a chance to have the better receivers and better offensive line this week.

Mahomes completed seven of nine passes for 47 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown pass was a crazy throw from across his body, which likely would have resulted in a pick had it been against a first team defense. The result, however, went for a score, and Chiefs Kingdom was ecstatic!

Bray, on the other hand, went five of eight for 63 yards and an interception. Bray had a nice throw down the field on his very first play, but it was called back for offensive pass interference. The same thing happened to Mahomes on his first play, but it was a holding call.

According to Terez Paylor of The Kansas City Star, Mahomes earned the promotion and it didn’t have to do with Bray’s performance on Friday.

I wouldn’t say that Bray played “well”, but Mahomes definitely deserves a chance to work with the two’s this week. Let’s see what he can do with more experienced receivers and a better offensive line protecting him and let Bray work with the threes.

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If I’m being entirely honest, I won’t be shocked if Mahomes earns the backup job and Bray ends up being cut. Tyler Bray is heading into his fifth year with this team and fans are still left wondering why he’s been here so long without having thrown a regular season pass (or taken a regular season snap for that matter).

Mahomes still needs to improve, that much is true, but fans have to be happy about what they saw out of him on Friday. He made daring throws, but also wasn’t afraid to dump the ball off for the easy play. Of course, he was facing third string defenders, but hey… Isn’t it a good thing that he played well against third stringers?

At the end of the day, no one is surprised by this news and hopefully Patrick Mahomes will learn a great deal on the sidelines this year and is ready to take over in 2018.