Kansas City Chiefs ranked sixth in FanSided preseason power rankings

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(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

Even though it’s only been one week of the NFL preseason, it’s a good sign to see the Kansas City Chiefs ranked as the sixth best team in the league heading into the season. FanSided believes in the Chiefs!

As fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, we’re used to anyone outside of town doubting our team and thinking they’re going to be hot garbage. Fortunately, Russell S. Baxter of FanSided has high hopes for the KC Chiefs, ranking them sixth on his power rankings.

Here was what Baxter had to say on why he put the Chiefs at number six,

"Repeating in the AFC West won’t be easy for this team. But that doesn’t mean that Reid’s club isn’t a top Super Bowl contender."

Baxter mostly covered what the Chiefs looked like during their first preseason game, but the quoted portion above was the main takeaway from his blurb on the Kansas City Chiefs. No one will argue that repeating as division champions will be an easy task, but no one will also argue against this team being one of the best units in the AFC.

The Chiefs didn’t lose many key contributors this offseason, which is why another winning season and a hopeful playoff appearance should be in the cards. Fans are fortunate that the Chiefs aren’t in a position where they HAVE to start Patrick Mahomes, but can let the 21-year old rookie sit back and learn the ways before taking over full-time.

Alex Smith is what he is. He doesn’t win you games all by himself, but he also doesn’t blow games. He takes care of the football, but he doesn’t find the end zone as much as the other quarterbacks in the pros do. He’s led this organization to four straight winning seasons and hopefully a fifth one is on the way.

As for the rest of the rankings, the five teams ahead of the Chiefs were as follows:

New England Patriots

Oakland Raiders

Seattle Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers

Dallas Cowboys

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Those of you who read my posts frequently know that I always roll my eyes whenever the Raiders get a high ranking like this. They couldn’t even beat the Chiefs a season ago yet everyone is already crowning them as AFC West champions.

The rest of those teams sound about right, though I might slide the Packers in at number five rather than the Cowboys. Baxter also had the Texans as the tenth best team in the league and I don’t agree with that at all. Houston doesn’t even know who their starting quarterback is yet.

Regarding the other two teams in the division, the Denver Broncos were 21st and the Los Angeles Chargers were 28th. I don’t think the Chargers are going to be bad and I’d honestly put the Broncos a few spots lower just because their offense is going to be horrendous.

Back to the Chiefs though, it’s cool to see this team getting the props they deserve. Even after a rough offseason that included firing the general manager, the Chiefs should still be destined to make a major run late in the season.

Hopefully a second straight AFC West championship is coming this season, but if not, the Kansas City Chiefs should certainly be vying for yet another playoff appearance.

Oh, also… The Browns weren’t ranked as the worst team so there’s that.