Kansas City Royals: Team lucky to still be in postseason contention

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The Kansas City Royals have not looked very good lately, but they’re very fortunate that most of the American League is in the same boat as them when it comes to the postseason.

The Kansas City Royals have dropped three straight games and have lost eight of their last ten games. It hasn’t been a real exciting time for the Royals, but the good news is that aside from the Houston Astros, the American League is incredibly underwhelming.

Look, I’m not real fond of watching the Royals get their butts whooped by the St. Louis Cardinals, but even with the Royals’ recent losing streak, the team only remains four games out of the division title. The Royals are also only one game out of the second Wild Card spot.

While we can sit here and focus on the positives, it’s still tough to imagine this Kansas City Royals team going real deep into the postseason. The trades that Dayton Moore have made haven’t really looked all that good so far and that’s definitely going to be a big deal if this team falls short of the playoffs.

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Ryan Buchter has a 5.68 ERA, Brandon Maurer is sitting at 8.10, and Trevor Cahill has an 8.18 ERA after his start in St. Louis. Melky Cabrera has been good, but adding him to the team caused some drama in the outfield and might have messed with the offense’s production a bit.

This Royals team is just so streaky and that’s scary. They’re either so good that they’re unstoppable and look like the 2015 World Series team or they’re really bad and continue to blow games in humiliating fashion. We’ve seen the incredibly bad Kansas City Royals during these past ten games and it hasn’t been fun.

The good news, however, is that the Cleveland Indians still haven’t grabbed hold of the division yet. They’ve lost four of their last ten games and we’ve all been waiting for them to get hot and take over the Central. Fortunately (and sometimes unfortunately) for the Royals, the two teams appear to get hot and get cold at the same time.

I still have faith that the Kansas City Royals can win the American League Central, but they have to get back to that “good streaky” that we’ve seen this season. The streakiness could also be really terrifying should this team only qualify for a Wild Card spot because we all know how much of a crap shoot the Wild Card games are.

What about you, Royals fans? Do you have faith in this team moving forward or does this losing streak have you concerned?