Kansas City Chiefs: Could Chiefs trade Alex Smith to Miami Dolphins

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The Kansas City Chiefs have been planning on having Alex Smith as their starting quarterback this upcoming season, but there has been some buzz about trading him to Miami due to Ryan Tannehill’s latest injury.

On Thursday morning, reports indicated that Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill was carted off during training camp after having an “awkward fall” wrote Jeff Darlington of ESPN. How does Tannehill getting injured relate to the Kansas City Chiefs, you ask? Well, that one is simple…

The Chiefs might have seemed pretty confident in sending Alex Smith into battle as their starting quarterback for 2017, but with Tannehill’s injury, the speculation of Smith not being in Kansas City anymore quickly began.

This is an interesting topic because I never would have thought that Alex Smith would be an option to be traded right now, but this could actually make sense. For one, the Chiefs made it pretty clear that they’re ready to move on from Smith eventually by trading up to draft Patrick Mahomes in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Smith is likely a goner after this season. The only way he’ll stay in Kansas City after 2017 is either if Mahomes really doesn’t look ready or if Smith leads the Chiefs to a Super Bowl title this season. I would gladly take Option B.

On the other hand, trading Alex Smith away could be a stupid idea. The point of drafting Mahomes was to let him sit and learn in year one behind Smith and company. It wouldn’t be bright to throw the rookie into the deep end of the pool at such a young age, especially when the intent was to groom him.

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Oh, and don’t even suggest starting Tyler Bray instead. Tyler Bray is not the answer.

Any time there is an injury to a quarterback it’s big news, but with a team like Miami (who made it to the playoffs last year) potentially needing a quarterback, it becomes an even bigger story. Could the Dolphins finally be the team to ink Colin Kaepernick to a deal or will they roll with Matt Moore instead?

It’s worth noting that the Kansas City Chiefs host the Dolphins at Arrowhead Stadium on Christmas Eve this season. It’ll be the second to last game of the year and could very well be a meaningful game as far as the playoffs go. Could that be another reason not to trade Smith away?

At the end of the day, I doubt the Chiefs part ways with Alex Smith mainly because it’d be a bit of a middle finger to the fans, who are expecting to compete this year. If Smith were sent to another team, the quarterback situation in Kansas City would go from good to bad.

What do you think, Chiefs Kingdom? Do you think the team should entertain sending Alex Smith to Miami?