Kansas City Royals should be sellers at the 2017 trade deadline

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I am going to come out totally clean on this one. I was on the side of buying for the longest time. The Royals were looking great, and I was buying into this team.

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Now that I have taken a step back, I realize they should sell because there are simply too many holes to fill. Too bad for me, though, I want the Royals to sell, but I still think they are going to buy.

The Royals really are in a tough spot this offseason. If they buy, they’re going all in one last time and making a go at winning another title. Buying could also really hamper the farm system though, which is already weak. If the Royals go all in and come up short, the organization could be hurting for years as a result.

If the Royals sell, however, they’ll be waving the white flag on 2017, but will still have the prospects in the minors to bring up for 2018. Sure, the 2018 and 2019 seasons will be rough, with new players getting their first shots in the majors, but every team has to go through a rebuilding phase.

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No matter what happens, the Kansas City Royals aren’t going to fall into a 29-year sinkhole again without sniffing the playoffs. No way will that happen again while Dayton Moore is in town. Let’s just trust that he knows what he’s doing and enjoy the ride.