The Kansas City Royals should go all in at trade deadline

Kansas City Royals. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Kansas City Royals. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

With the MLB trade deadline approaching quickly, the Kansas City Royals need to make a decision on what to do. I say it’s time to go all in on 2017.

As the Kansas City Royals continue to hover around .500, there is going to be a lot of back and forth on what the team should do. They are still very much in the postseason race, and despite recent struggles, remain one of the hottest teams over the past couple of months. At the same time, the future does not look bright for the organization. It’s a tough call, but I say go for it.

Unless you’re the New York Yankees, postseason success is something that actually comes pretty rarely in the MLB. Look back to 2014 when the Royals made their first postseason run since 1985. That year saw the Orioles, Tigers, Angels, and A’s in the postseason with KC. Not a single one of those teams has a winning record right now.

Teams need to make the most of the opportunities that are presented to them. The Royals have an opportunity presented right now. They can put together a solid string of games and take over the division lead before the month is out! At the same time, KC is also very much in the mix for a Wild Card spot. The chances are good.

No Promise Of A Good Future

The biggest argument against the Kansas City Royals being buyers at the trade deadline is that the farm system is already depleted. I understand this argument, and on its surface, it’s very pragmatic. However, there are some major shortcomings to this line of thinking.

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First off, if the farm system is as weak as many analysts say, then the Royals have a rebu

ilding period coming up one way or the other. The team would have to net a huge haul of prospects, and have most of them live up to their potential in order to get back on track. Even then, there is no guarantee that they would fully rebound.

There is also no guarantee that any of the players you are giving up will match the production of the players we have now. Baseball is a tricky sport that way. Even the prospects with the most potential often turn out to be failures in the pros. Meanwhile, the Royals are currently sitting on quite a bit of talent already on the roster.

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Not That Far Away

It’s not difficult to identify the areas where the Royals need to improve for this season. Another reliable arm in the starting rotation, another solid reliever in the bullpen, and an upgrade at the designated hitter spot. So it should be no surprise that those are the positions KC has been linked to the most in recent trade rumors.

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Most notably, Kansas City has been linked to Dee Gordon of the Marlins, Brad Hand of the Padres, and Sonny Gray of the A’s. If the Royals were to add all three of those players, they would instantly be one of the most dangerous teams in the league.

Making those kinds of moves would definitely wear out what is left of the farm system, but it would also make the Royals instant World Series contenders. Kansas City would be a team with very few holes in the lineup or pitching staff. That is the kind of team you don’t want to face in the postseason.

I say Dayton Moore should make it happen.

The Kansas City Royals are in position to strike in the American League. They are very much in the race for both the AL Central and the Wild Card. The Royals have proven before that they can make strong runs. Adding a few key pieces would absolutely make them contenders. It’s time for this team to go for broke and worry about the cost later.