Missouri Tigers SEC Media Day guide fails to impress

Missouri Tigers (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Missouri Tigers (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

When you play football in the Southeastern Conference, everything is critiqued. The Missouri Tigers will be laughed at for a while for their media guide cover.

There is no competition on the field yet, but don’t believe for one second that the teams of the SEC aren’t still taking stock of one another. As the teams of one of the most powerful conferences in college football history gather, they still judge one another. The Missouri Tigers are getting a failing grade when it comes to their media guide cover.

Every school in the conference brings their “A” game to the SEC Media Days. This is a time when coaches and key players will be grilled on the upcoming season. For the most part it is pretty innocuous and reveals next to nothing. However, every now and then you get a couple of gems out of it.

One of the highlights of the event for those who follow the SEC is the handing out of media guides. These are the schools’ handbooks on what to look for in the upcoming season. Player bios, statistics, schedules, and plenty of other information are often included. Over the years, the covers of these guides have become a bit of a bragging rights competition.

Everything Is A Competition

It might seem ridiculous, or even just plain stupid, that this would be any kind of a big deal, but that’s football in the SEC. No, a media guide doesn’t have any bearing on the outcome of the season. However, with football still over a month away, it is the first chance for the schools to show their pride this year.

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The rest of the SEC certainly seemed to take that to heart. While you can argue any way you like on who has the best of the bunch, there is no denying that the Missouri Tigers guide isn’t it. No glossy cover. No cool effects. Not even a picture of a player. Instead it looks like some grad assistant forgot it was due today and threw something together on MS Paint.

As for this having no bearing on what happens on the field, it’s not like the Tigers are expected to be a force this year. Many pundits and analysts have them as one of the worst teams in the conference. So it’s not as if there is much of a consolation in that line of thinking.

All I’m saying is that showing a little pride might be nice.

The Missouri Tigers football team still looks to be in a bad place. Unless they can turn things around quickly, there is a very real chance that Mizzou gets buried in the SEC. That is one of the worst spots in all of college football to be at. Just ask schools like Vanderbilt and Kentucky that have been there forever.