Kansas City Royals fans did nothing wrong with All-Star voting

Mike Moustakas #8 of the Kansas City Royals (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)
Mike Moustakas #8 of the Kansas City Royals (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images) /

Kansas City Royals fans have a reputation for being incredible at standing behind their guys and voting for them in the All-Star Game.

They proved that reputation to be true, as they got Mike Moustakas into this year’s game.

It’s gotten to the point where if any member of the Kansas City Royals is a part of a vote, fans of the other Major League Baseball teams know that their player stands little to no chance in beating said Royal. Royals fans have been great to this team during their championship run(s) and getting Mike Moustakas into this year’s All-Star Game further cemented that.

I’ve found it very interesting over the past few days just how angry opposing fan bases have been about this particular topic. Not just fan bases, but teams as well. The New York Yankees went on a campaign to try and get the other American League Central teams to vote for their guy in an effort to “stop the KC guy from winning”.

Fortunately, the Tigers, Twins, and Indians all shot the Yankees down in classic fashion.

The Yankees obviously didn’t want to see Mike Moustakas win, but other fan bases have really been ripping on the Kansas City Royals faithful over the past few days. I follow many non-Royals fans on Twitter and other social media outlets and they were all really angry about the results.

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Obviously it’s easy for me to defend Royals fans since I myself am one, but I’d be saying the same thing if I didn’t root for the team. It’s easy to blame the fans, but in reality, fans of all other MLB teams should be mad at the system itself.

Major League Baseball makes it easy for fans to stuff the ballot boxes, especially with the unlimited amount of votes fans can send during the final vote. That’s nearly a guarantee for whichever Royal is nominated to take the crown, as the fans have proven to be great at this stuff. Moustakas made the All-Star Game in 2015 as a result of winning the final vote that year too.

The part that makes me the most angry about all of this, however, is people saying Mike Moustakas didn’t deserve to make the All-Star Game. He’s tied for second in the league for most home runs with 25 and has just been on fire recently. Sports fans are always about the hottest player and Mike Moustakas is one of the hottest in the league at the moment.

When Royals fans were voting guys like Omar Infante and Alex Rios into the All-Star Game, yes, that was stupid. Neither of those guys were even close to being All-Stars, but Mike Moustakas is having a great year and just because he’s not a Cub or a Yankee or apart of a bigger market doesn’t mean he’s undeserving of being an All-Star.

In conclusion, Kansas City Royals fans did absolutely nothing wrong here. It’s very annoying to me that other fan bases tweet about how Royals fans are the worst when they’re not doing anything other than what the system allows. If Yankees/Astros/whatever fans have a problem with it, then encourage your fan base to be what Royals fans are and vote. It’s an easy concept.

Rant over.