Kansas City Royals home stand against Blue Jays could lead to .500

Kansas City Royals. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Royals. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Royals have spent much of the 2017 season at the bottom of the American League. However, they are now in a position to get back to .500 this weekend.

For much of the 2017 campaign, the Kansas City Royals have been at the bottom of the standings. It was bad enough that they were being declared trade deadline sellers as early as in April. However, over the past several weeks the team has caught fire. Now the Royals are coming into this weekend’s series with a chance to get back to .500.

Standing in KC’s way is the Toronto Blue Jays, another team that is hoping they can put things together and get back to .500. However, Toronto has a much tougher road to travel as they are still well back in the AL East standings. The Royals meanwhile, are in third in the AL Central and poised to move up if they can get a solid series this weekend.

What has sparked the recent surge by the Royals? Well, the bats have come alive and are performing consistently. At the same time, the Kansas City starting rotation and bullpen have been strong recently. In essence, KC has started putting things together. That will almost always lead to winning ball games.

Changing The Narrative

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The recent winning ways of the Kansas City Royals has turned a popular narrative on its head for this season. Many analysts had pegged the Royals to be selling off a lot of top talent at the trade deadline. That is now nowhere near certain. In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if you start hearing things about the Royals looking to be buyers soon.

Kansas City’s upcoming schedule presents them with an excellent chance to make a move in the standings. After the Blue Jays this weekend, the Royals have two straight series against division opponents. That gives KC the opportunity to really make some noise in the AL Central.

If the Royals can just keep stringing together series wins, they will be able to climb their way to the top of the AL Central. That could come even before the All-Star break. You will see a lot of MLB analysts scrambling to adjust their narratives if that happens.

The Kansas City Royals are coming back from the dead. It seems strange to say it, but the Royals are now showing that they are a team capable of beating just about anyone. If this hot streak can hold up, Kansas City will make a major move in the division standings.