Kansas City Chiefs: MMQB says Pat Mahomes can’t learn from the bench

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs traded up to draft Patrick Mahomes 10th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. The intent is to let hims sit at develop for a year. Andy Benoit of MMQB says that’s a nice idea, but it won’t happen.

Most fans, pundits, and analysts are in agreement that the Kansas City Chiefs letting Pat Mahomes develop for a year is the right move. However, not everyone shares that opinion. Andy Benoit of MMQB says that while it is a good idea, it simply does not work in today’s NFL.

The logic behind Benoit’s argument is sound…for all the talk of developing a starter, nobody does it. The last quarterback to sit for a season before becoming the team’s franchise guy? Aaron Rodgers, who was drafted in 2005. So there is definitely something to what Andy Benoit is saying.

Andy Benoit points out that teams were able to use this strategy in the past. Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers, and Aaron Rodgers are easy examples to use. However, the league has changed dramatically since then. Most notably, teams have far less time to practice than they used to. That’s the same argument former Chiefs guard Geoff Schwartz has regarding offensive linemen.

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That, of course, is a result of the most recent CBA talks. It was regarded as a “win” for the NFLPA to get this concession from the teams. However, it appears to be something that is hurting players and the teams at equal paces. Practice snaps for backup players have diminished dramatically. So does that mean teams can’t develop quarterbacks anymore?

Why Andy Benoit Is Wrong About KC

Benoit’s article is based almost entirely on this year’s rookie class of quarterbacks. Mitchell Trubisky for the Bears, Deshaun Watson of the Texans, and, of course, the Chiefs’ Pat Mahomes are all expected to sit this year.

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Ultimately, I believe that Benoit will be at least somewhat vindicated regarding Trubisky and Watson. I don’t see any way that those two go the entire season without playing some. Neither team’s quarterback situation is conducive to winning games. So those rookies will get a shot.

However, when it comes to the Chiefs, I think Andy Benoit is dead wrong. First of all, Kansas City should be in a position where they don’t need Pat Mahomes to play. The team has proven itself capable of winning a lot of games with less than stellar QB play in recent years. So there is no rush to get him on the field.

Furthermore, Andy Reid has done a fantastic job of developing quarterbacks in the past, and has assembled a quality staff to keep doing so. I, for one, am especially excited to see what new QB coach Mike Kafka can do with Mahomes mechanics. Kafka came into the NFL as a quarterback with no pro style experience and had to learn.

The two things a quarterback needs in order to develop are time and coaching. The Chiefs can afford to provide both of those to Mahomes. On top of that, KC has Alex Smith signed through the 2018 season, meaning they can keep Mahomes under wraps for an extra season if need be. They hold all the right cards.

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The Kansas City Chiefs have shown a ton of confidence in Pat Mahomes. The team has invested multiple picks in the young passer and have worked hard to build a suitable atmosphere for him. There will be doubters. There will be those who want a quarterback dilemma. However, the Chiefs are well-built to make this work.