Missouri Tigers: Charles Harris Gets Lone Invite To NFL Combine

Missouri Tigers defensive end Charles Harris. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
Missouri Tigers defensive end Charles Harris. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports /

The Missouri Tigers football program is at one of its lowest points. That is highlighted by the fact that just one player, pass rusher Charles Harris, was invited to the NFL Combine.

Unless you spent the past year in outer space, you know that the Missouri Tigers did not have a very good 2016 football season. It is something that Mizzou fans are trying hard to get over…so of course there was another reminder just waiting. The NFL has released its list of invited players to the 2017 Combine. Only star pass rusher Charles Harris made the list for the Tigers.

While nobody is likely surprised that the Tigers are only sending one player to the Combine this year, it’s still a bit embarrassing. Regardless of anything else, Mizzou is still an SEC school and that comes with big expectations.

It is a big drop off for a team that was sending out some top tier talent just a couple years ago. Unfortunately, this is the current state of Missouri Tigers football. Coach Barry Odom has a lot of work to do to pull this team back up to where it was. A weak 2017 recruiting class isn’t going to help his cause there, and a weak draft class from the school doesn’t help recruiting. Kind of a vicious cycle.

Fortunately, Missouri isn’t the only school that should be embarrassed though. Georgia is only sending one player, and South Carolina doesn’t have anyone on the Combine roster. So there is some solace that can be taken in that. However, I doubt that lessens the sting too much for fans.

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The Missouri Tigers need something big to break their cycle of misery. The program is still hanging on the precipice of absolute futility. Barry Odom and his team need to find a way to pull off some big wins this upcoming season. Otherwise they will be pushed down to the depths of the SEC, and it is very hard to climb out of that cellar.