Kansas City Chiefs: A Team Not Even At Its Peak Yet

Fantasy Football: Kansas City Chiefs. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
Fantasy Football: Kansas City Chiefs. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports /
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Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston
Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports /

Justin Houston

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Wait a minute, the Kansas City Chiefs have Justin Houston this week. Well, sure, he’s back out on the field, but is there anyone who truly believes that he is fully back? The Chiefs star pass rusher suffered a setback from knee surgery this offseason and missed most of the year. Since his return, Houston’s ability to even get on the field has been iffy.

Clearly, Justin Houston is in need of a full offseason where he can rest his body, rehab his knee, and return to form. Barring another unforeseen setback, the Chiefs should expect a fully revitalized Houston to be back on the field in 2017. That alone will change the entire tenor of the KC defense as Justin Houston completely changes how an offense prepares.

I also expect that the Chiefs will try and see if Justin Houston can move to the right side of the defense. We have seen this year that Dee Ford can be an effective player from the left side, yet still struggles on the right. So moving Houston to the right, where he has had some success in the past, may allow KC to get the most out of their pass rushers. That would be a nightmare for their opponents.

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The Kansas City Chiefs are already a strong team, and deserving of their spot in the playoffs. However, I truly see this team as only getting stronger next year. That has got to be a scary thought for the rest of the NFL. Also, think about this…I didn’t even cover the natural development of the young talent on the roster. Combine that with the return of top players and you’ve got a dangerous unit on your hands.