Kansas City Royals: Five Worst Royals All-Star Selections

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

What’s wonderful about all this reminiscing is that it’s all part of the past. This year, the Kansas City Royals will almost certainly set a team record, and maybe even a league record for players selected for the All-Star Game. Regardless of whether they all deserve to be there based on talent alone, none of them (please, no Omar Infante’s allowed) should ever end up on a list like this.

Speaking of Infante, it’s obvious his stats are undeserving of him earning a spot to the American League All-Star team, but you have to admire what Royals fans are doing with their team. This is a team that’s had some pretty embarrassing guys go to the game due to the “every team has to have a representative” rule, and this is the fans’ way of making up for years of embarrassment.

Alex Rios certainly doesn’t deserve to go either, but again, the focus should be on these Royals fans showing why they’re the best in baseball.

The All-Star Game winner receives home field advantage for the World Series, so if the Kansas City Royals want to make it back, hopefully the AL team will win the big game and we can see the Royals hoisting that trophy in October at our very own Kauffman Stadium.

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