Kansas Jayhawks: Aqib Talib Arrested For Aggravated Assault


Former Kansas Jayhawks cornerback Aqib Talib is being investigated under suspicion of aggravated assault for a nightclub incident Tuesday night in Dallas, according to 9NEWS in Denver.

[Editor Note: 9NEWS original headline stated Talib had been arrested, but have since changed to “investigated”. This article has been corrected as a result. As of Wednesday afternoon, no arrest has been made.]

The current Denver Bronco corner is under investigation by Dallas police along with his brother. Two vehicles owned by the Talib brothers were towed by Dallas police, and both brothers were questioned and released Tuesday night.

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As of now, no charges against the Talib brothers have been issued, but could be pending according to 9NEWS.

Aggravated assault is a significant criminal charge that involves an attempt to cause serious bodily harm or involves a deadly weapon. Using a car, for example, qualifies. Aggravated assault is a felony under Texas law (Texas Penal Code §22.02)

Assault need not involve actual contact with another, a mere attempt suffices. If contact is made, then police will normally include a battery charge.

Kansas City Chiefs AFC West rival Denver Broncos inked Talib to a 6-year, $57 million contract during the 2014 off-season. The Broncos signed the 28-year-old Talib despite a long history of legal trouble extending before his college career at the University of Kansas.

Aqib Talib broke into a house as a high school student in Berker, Texas and was sentenced to two years probation. He was suspended from the Kansas Jayhawk football team multiple times and tested positive for marijuana use three times.

Despite his troubles, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Aqib Talib in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft (no. 20 overall).

More problems followed. In 2010, came a one-game suspension from the Bucs when Aqib Talib punched a cab driver in St. Petersburg. In 2011, police alleged Talib assaulted his sister’s boyfriend after he hit Talib’s sister. Charges ended up getting dismissed. In 2012, Talib was suspended by the NFL for PEDs—which led to his trade from Tampa to the New England Patriots.

In June of 2014, Dallas police erroneously named Talib as having been arrested. Instead, it was older brother Yaqub Talib that had been cited for public intoxication.

In October, Talib insisted to ESPN.com’s Jeffri Chadiha that he had grown during his time in the NFL:

"“I feel like I have grown a lot,” Talib said. “When you’re young, you start off wanting to go to the NFL. Then you want to be a first-round pick. After that, you want to be a starter, and then a Pro Bowler and then a guy who plays in playoff games. I’m at the stage now where I want to be recognized among the best at my position.”"

Apparently, Aqib Talib’s troubles are not behind him. While no one knows what the impact from this latest incident will be, given Talib’s history it could result in a substantial suspension by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

An Aqib Talib suspension could impact Denver’s draft strategy in 2015, and have salary cap implications in the future.

Any way you cut it, further troubles from Aqib Talib do not bode well for Kansas City Chiefs rival Denver’s 2015 hopes in the AFC West.

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