Where John Dorsey Went Wrong This Off-Season


Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey did an excellent jo b of re-tooling the roster in 2013. He acquired Alex Smith, got Dwayne Bowe a new deal, signed Geoff Schwartz to a one year deal, picked up 7 awesome waiver claims and so on.

Dorsey built the Chiefs roster to the tune of an 11-5 record and playoff birth for the first time since 2010 in Kansas City.

Of course, with that came high expectations moving forward and while Chiefs fans understood that there was limited cap space to make a lot of things happen, Dorsey made some decisions that are hurting the team right now.

Starting with the offensive line.

The Chiefs rolled with the youngest starting five in professional football last season and they did it quite well. Jamaal Charles saw career highs across the stat board while Alex Smith did the same. When the season was over, the Chiefs decided to part ways with three starters who played well in that 2013 campaign.

Branden Albert was gone, that was a given. Albert simply wanted too much money for a guy who couldn’t play a full 16 game schedule and would always go down for 3-6 plays a game with some sort of injury. That’s not to say he didn’t make a difference while he was in there but wasn’t worth all the money he was seeking.

Insert Eric Fisher, number one overall pick from Central Michigan who struggled mightily in year one. After nagging injuries and inconsistent play, Chiefs fans started to become unsettled with their first time number one overall pick knowing he was going to be the guy moving forward.

Just to put it bluntly, Fisher has not looked good… At all.

Now I understand that Dorsey was handcuffed with that pick. No one wanted to move up for it and there wasn’t a consensus number one overall pick to take with it either. So while I don’t fault him for that choice, I do fault him in not bringing back better help along side his top pick investment.

Letting both Geoff Schwartz and Jon Asamoah go to free agency was just down right stupid.

The Chiefs could have offered a deal similar to what Schwartz got from the New York Giants (4 years, $16.8 mill) and sure’d up a position that is a glaring weakness on this team right now.

I personally was very frustrated that the Chiefs let both guys just get away like that.

I mean did you see the replacement they had out there on Sunday? Mike McGlynn was absolutely terrible and granted Donald Stephenson was suspended four games for his PED violation, the Chiefs looked like the New York Giants from last year.

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Another thing that has plagued the Chiefs was the trading of Rishaw Johnson. They did that before Stephenson was suspended but still, they dumped a quality offensive lineman for a defensive back that won’t make any contributions.

Moving onto the receiving group.

I understand that the Chiefs made a heavy investment in Dwayne Bowe and that Alex Smith has his limitations but why not even take a chance on someone? The Chiefs clearly needed help in that department and could have attempted to draft someone.

And yes, I remember that the Chiefs were so close to signing Emmanuel Sanders right before Denver snagged him but instead of taking Aaron Murray, why not draft a receiver with that pick.

An actual position that the Chiefs needed serious help.

John Dorsey has done a pretty good job for the most part so I’m not trying to sit here and bash him like he’s Carl Peterson. I’m just simply stating that he made some wrong moves (in my opinion) this off season.

Perhaps this is all part of a bigger plan (and please dear lord let it work out) as the Chiefs and the rest of the west sit back and wait for Peyton Manning to retire. It makes some sense but Chiefs fans are hungry.

They want a winner and they want it soon.