Madden Predicts Results: Kansas City Chiefs VS Titans


Madden 15 did not correctly guess the score but it was right about the outcome of this game as the Kansas City Chiefs fell to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. I decided to dive in to the statistics to see just how accurate the Madden sim was to the actual game and the results may surprise you.

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Final Score

Sim: Titans 17 – Chiefs 9

Reality: Titans 26 – Chiefs 10

The sim correctly predicted the outcome and only missed the point total by 10 total points including only missing the Chiefs total by 1 point.

Team Statistics

Offensive Yards Gained

Sim: Chiefs 355 – Titans 235

Reality: Chiefs 245 – Titans 405


Sim: Chiefs 117 – Titans 55

Reality: Chiefs 67 – Titans 162


Sim: Chiefs 238 – Titans 180

Reality: Chiefs 178 – Titans 243

Total Yards

Sim: Chiefs 457 – Titans 294

Reality: Chiefs 292 – Titans 415


Sim: Chiefs 4 – Titans 0

Reality: Chiefs 3 – Titans 0

When it comes to yardage it seems the sim had things backwards, if you flip the sims stats it is pretty accurate. The turnovers were almost perfect as well, but it is how those turnovers happened that makes the sims’ prediction scary accurate.

Individual Player Statistics


Sim: Alex Smith 238 Yards, o TD, 3 INT – Jake Locker 180 Yards, 2 TD, 0 INT

Reality: Alex Smith 202 Yards, 1 TD, 3 INT – Jake Locker 266 Yards, 2 TD, 0 INT

Wow! The sim was 1 garbage time Alex Smith touchdown pass away from being perfect on both QB’s TD and INT stats. The Alex Smith yardage wasn’t too far off either.


Sim: Jamaal Charles 15 Carries, 78 Yards, 5.2 YPC, 0 TD – Dexter McCluster 18 Carries, 42 Yards, 2.3 YPC, 0 TD

Reality: Jamaal Charles 7 Carries, 19 Yards, 2.7 YPC, 0 TD – Dexter McCluster 9 Carries, 29 Yards, 3.2 YPC, 0 TD

Not even the sim could predict the lack of carries for Jamaal Charles.


Sim: Donnie Avery 7 Receptions, 89 Yards, 0 TD – Nate Washington 4 Receptions, 35 Yards, 1 TD

Dexter McCluster 3 Receptions, 38 Yards, 1 TD

Reality: Donnie Avery 7 Receptions 84 Yards, 0 TD – Nate Washington 4 receptions, 59 Yards, 0 TD

Dexter McCluster 1 Reception, 17 Yards, 0 TD

The sim nearly got the Donnie Avery stat line perfect, missing by only 5 yards. The sim also correctly predicted that Avery would be the leading receiver in the game as the next closest was Justin Hunter with 63 Yards.


Sim: Tamba Hali 1 sack – Allen Bailey 1 sack

Reality: Tamba Hali 0 sacks – Allen Bailey 1 sack

While Tamba Hali didn’t register a sack he was close a few times and caused pressure a majority of the game. The scary statistic is it predicted Allen Bailey to have 1 sack and not only that but it predicted him to have the first sack of the game and the Chiefs season, which was exactly right.

Special Teams

Sim: Cairo Santos 3-3 FG %100 – Ryan Succop 1-1 FG %100

Reality: Cairo Santos 1-2 FG %50 – Ryan Succop 4-4 FG %100

The sim clearly didn’t account for the jitters the rookie would have and the thirst for revenge Succop would have. This may be the most inaccurate part of the sim.

All things considered I think the sim did very well to predict the outcome of the game. Keep your eyes peeled for the Chiefs vs Broncos Madden 15 prediction later in the week.

Madden 15 Chiefs prediction record 1-0

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