Kansas City Chiefs: Just Call Me Negative Nancy


The Kansas City Chiefs looked awful in their opening game on Sunday. Just really, really awful. With that said, I’m already sitting here thinking about how badly this season is going to be for the Chiefs. It’s going to be a long season if the team doesn’t get it together.

The offense looked bad from the start and continued to do virtually nothing throughout the entire game. Jamaal Charles barely touched the ball, Alex Smith threw three interceptions, and the wide receivers looked absolutely clueless out there. Not to mention the offensive line lived up to how bad everyone thought they would be.

People might say that it’s not fair to be so hard on the offense when Dwayne Bowe wasn’t out there, but come on. Do you really think Bowe a.k.a. Sir Drops a Lot would have made that much of a difference for this dreadful offense? I sure don’t.

The defense started off okay and didn’t allow any points until the end of the second quarter. After that though, blaaaaaah. To be fair, it’s hard to rely on the defense to stop the other team when they were on the field for the entire game.

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This game was just really bad for Kansas City. They honestly didn’t do anything right and it’s not a good sign for the season. I recently discussed how this team wouldn’t be very good in 2014, and also how if they lost to the Titans, this season could be rough. Well, they lost to the Titans. Now what?

Things don’t get any easier from here. Next week, this Chiefs squad travels to Denver to take on the Broncos. If the Broncos have Peyton Manning under center, they’re probably going to beat the Chiefs in Denver. Sorry if that offends anyone, but how can you argue with that after how bad the team played on Sunday?

After that, the Chiefs go to Miami and take on a Dolphins squad that beat New England on Sunday. Don’t overlook that game. Ryan Tannehill is due for a good season and I really think the Fins could make the playoffs this year.

It’s very possible for Kansas City to be 0-5 headed into the bye week.

Week four will see Kansas City hosting the Patriots for Monday Night Football, where they’re going to attempt to break the record for loudest outdoor stadium. Might be difficult to do that if the Chiefs are going into that game with three losses.

In the last game before the bye week, the Chiefs will be taking on the 49ers in San Francisco. So yeah, it’s very possible for Kansas City to be 0-5 headed into the bye week.

I know it’s only one game, but the Titans game is the one game that the Chiefs absolutely had to win. The schedule only gets tougher so something has to change for the Chiefs and it has to change fast or else this will be a long season in Kansas City.

I never thought I would say this, but luckily we have the Royals.