Kansas City Chiefs: Good-Bye 2009 Draft Class


The Kansas City Chiefs begin their regular season on Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium. This offseason saw the team losing a lot of valuable players, but one of the most surprising releases by the team was of kicker Ryan Succop. Succop was the last remaining member of the Chiefs’ 2009 draft class.

The 2009 draft class was considered one of the worst drafts for the Kansas City Chiefs in recent years. I think that statement becomes even more valid when realizing that not one single member from that year’s class is still with the Chiefs. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

As I already mentioned, Ryan Succop was the last remaining member of the 09 class and was just released over the weekend. Succop was the last pick in 2009, earning the “Mr. Irrelevant” title after the draft was over with. Succop had a decent five years in Kansas City, but I agree with the decision to let him go and pass the kicking torch to Tulane kicker Cairo Santos.

It’s pretty sad that the last two draft picks in 2009 were the two best picks from this class.

So onto the other members of the 09 draft class…

Well, there was Tyson Jackson, who was the Chiefs’ first round pick that year. The Chiefs took Jackson with the third overall pick, and the guy just never really impressed anyone. Somehow, despite his mediocre play in Kansas City, Jackson got offered a hefty deal by the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta can gladly have him.

The next three picks never panned out for the Chiefs: Alex Magee, Donald Washington, and Colin Brown. Magee was traded to the Bucs halfway through his second season, Washington only played in the NFL until 2011 , and Brown never played a snap for the Chiefs.

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Also drafted that year were some guys named Quinten Lawrence, Javarris Williams, and Jake O’Connell. Next to Succop, O’Connell was probably the best pick of this draft. He spent four seasons with Kansas City and I believe he is still in the NFL (I think he’s on those icky Broncos’ roster).

It’s pretty sad that the last two draft picks in 2009 were the two best picks from this class. That just shows how poorly Scott Pioli did drafting, and while yes, it wa his first draft with Kansas City, it was still an awful draft.

Jackson was drafted way too high. I mean, the Chiefs could have had B.J. Raji, Brian Orakpo, Clay Matthews, or even have gotten a talented offensive guy like Knowshon Moreno or Percy Harvin. Looking at those names and seeing how poorly Jackson did as a Chief just depresses me. Oh yeah, LeSean McCoy wasn’t drafted until the SECOND ROUND. That depresses me even more.

Well… There are no guys left on the roster to remind us of the pain as much, so good-bye 2009 draft class. We really won’t miss you all that much.