Arrowhead Stadium Could Host The Super Bowl In 2019


Arrowhead Stadium is one of the most sacred places in the NFL and the Chiefs and area civic leaders are making a renewed push to bring the Super Bowl to Kansas City.

This isn’t the first time that Arrowhead has tried to play host. Back in 2006, the NFL guaranteed a Super Bowl to Kansas City if they approved renovations to the Truman Sports Complex and a rolling roof. Personally, I thought the rolling roof looked really dumb and basically would have been a trash bag that covered both stadiums.

Anyway, Jackson county voters approved the 3/4-cent sales tax for the renovations but had rejected the use of the tax to build the trash bag, excuse me, rolling roof.

This caused original Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt to withdraw his 2015 bid and the hopes of Kansas City hosting the biggest event in sports was all but lost. Well, things took a turn of events when the NFL granted New York City it’s first bid at MetLife Stadium making it the first cold weather Super Bowl in NFL history.

Temperatures hit into the 40’s during game time and the NFL declared that it’s open to more cold weather stadiums hosting in the future.

That brings us back to where we’re at now with the Chiefs putting in another bid to host the Super Bowl, this time in 2019.

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A couple of worries come to mind when you think of a Super Bowl being hosted in Kansas City, starting with transportation. The Truman Sports Complex is a good 15 minutes from downtown Kansas City, where most of the pre-game activities would be taking place.

The other is hotels and places to stay. Does Kansas City have enough to accommodate for an event as big as the Super Bowl.

Ultimately, the rebuttal to all of it is the fact that the Royals and Kauffman Stadium just very successfully hosted the 2012 MLB All-Star game. Everyone was successfully transported to and from the downtown area, had plenty of Hotels and accommodations, and made for a beautiful scene in Kansas City.

So going back to KC hosting in 2019, the Super Bowl Task Force held its first meeting Monday and Missouri Senator Paul LeVota is among those helping to make a push for KC to host.

KCTV 5 is reporting that LeVota helped put together the task force in the state’s economic development department in an effort to rake in revenue. They’d also have to meet certain requirements.

Kansas City would have to guarantee 35,000 game-day parking spots, 19,000 top quality hotel rooms, access to three quality golf courses (it will be the dead of winter in Missouri…) and two bowling alleys (are Walter Soapcheck and “The Dude” attending this event?) and funding from area governments.

If Kansas City could pull this off, it would easily be the biggest thing to happen to Kansas City in terms of revenue and exposure.

Lets hope it can get done.