Around the Kingdom: Ned Yost, Dayton Moore, Ed Reed, Dee Ford


Around the Kingdom, the Royals stood pat on what turned out to be one of the busiest trade deadlines in recent memory. Big names like David Price, John Lackey, and John Lester changed hands, along with hitters like Yoenis Cespedes, Allen Craig, and Jonny Gomes, GM Dayton Moore seemed befuddled that teams wanted major-league players rather than prospects.

Then Moore played the small-market card and talked about his “limits”.

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Sigh. BIlly Beane and Andrew Friedman have jusst as many limits and they consistently get deals done. I think everyone is sick of the Royals pulling the small-market excuse in a world where Beane and Friedman show it can be done.

After one week at training camp injuries to Eric Berry and ankle surgery for Sanders Commings has reveal how thins the team is at safety. The Chiefs signed veteran Steve Gregory to fill the hole, yet you wonder if such a small move is enough. Safety play was a massive problem late last season. Right now, fans have to wonder if the secondary will be good enough to prevent a similar meltdown.

Sporting KC tied 1-1 with Philadelphia. While disappointed, Sporting ran their streak of matches without a defeat to 8.


"Likewise, the relaxed atmosphere and lack of accountability that Yost has fostered would be perfectly acceptable if the Royals were performing to expectations. Yet, that has not been the case. The Royals have underperformed virtually all season on offense, leading to a disappointing performance in the standings."

"The contrast between a successful GM and Dayton Moore is obvious. Billy Beane sees his players as assets he can use as an opportunity to improve his team. Dayton Moore seems to fall in love with his players. Somehow, in eight plus years as the general manager of a major league baseball team, Moore has made what I would classify as two big trades. The first was the Zack Greinke deal. The second was the Wil Myers trade. Billy Beane made two big trades this month."


"I know that the 2014 Reed is not a world-beater, all-pro. What Reed can be, however, if he is forced onto the field, is the guy who you can trust to make the correct first step at the snap, to be general who will make sure everyone is lined up properly and hold the squad together mentally. That is what I felt was most lacking late last year — an experienced guy who can make the overall squad better and will at least save the big play from becoming a big touchdown."

"The Chiefs work on a lot of groupings at practice and this was just one of them but it’s one folks have been waiting to see. I keep wondering how the Chiefs will be able to get Ford more snaps during the season. It’s hard to make an argument that the Chiefs should take Tamba Hali or Justin Houston off the field besides for a quick breather. But if they could work in some packages that had all three on the field … that would be fun."


  • SportingKC.com – Sporting KC rues missed opportunities vs. Philadelphia in disappointing draw:

"It stinks,” said winger Graham Zusi, who put Sporting up 1-0 in the 54th minute but was denied a second score by the right goalpost two minutes after that. “Your home is a place you protect, and it’s frustrating to drop any points when you’re here – especially with the support we get. But I guess we’ve got to keep pushing and go for the points every time. That’s something that doesn’t change.”"

There you have it KC fans—the news around the Kingdom.