Around the Kingdom: David Glass, Alex Gordon, Flowers, Besler


The Royals open the 2nd half by travelling to Boston with James Shields starting the first game. Kansas City needs to make a 2nd half run similar to last-season’s 15-5 post All-star game surge if they want to get back into the playoff race.

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I’m not sure what is going to happen, but at least it seems that owner David Glass is committed to getting results in the near future.

Let’s hope Alex Gordon is ready to go after resting his wrist injury during the Detroit series and the All-Star break. The team needs its best position player if they are going to make that 2nd half run.

Former Chiefs corner Brandon Flowers appeared on Sirius XM radio, insisting he was not a bad fit for Bob Sutton’s defense last season. Pair that statement with his admission that he picked the Chargers to get revenge, and you have the formula for a grudge match in Kansas City’s divisional games against San Diego. It will be interesting to see if Flowers matches up with former teammate Dwayne Bowe.

Much like the dreaded “vote of confidence” David Glass gave to Dayton Moore and Ned Yost recently, the spate of stories about Matt Besler wanting to stay in KC makes me think he’s going to get an offer too good to refuse.


"“I’m not so much interested in what the perception is about me. And anyone who knows me knows that I’m not just committed to winning. I’m obsessed with winning. There are times I’m sure when Dan and Dayton and Ned would just as soon I’d go find something else to do,” Glass said."

"This raises a number of issues – like why the hell, exactly, are the Royals screwing around with Raul Ibanez – but for purposes of this column, it’s a reminder that the Royals’ rotation isn’t nearly as good as it looks. And that’s okay, because while the rotation isn’t great, it is perfectly designed to play to the Royals’ strengths. The Royals play in a ballpark that takes away home runs, and they have an outfield that takes away doubles and triples."

"During the season, his pre-game preparation is meticulous. He fusses over the details, maintains an admirable physique and utilizes the constancy of his routine to gird himself from the mental strain of major-league life. Even during day games, his activity only compresses slightly."


"Finding the appropriate balance between ‘fit’ and ‘injury’ here is very difficult. We know Flowers is a very good cornerback and can handle covering quality wide receivers. It is also true Flowers was dealing with a knee injury for most of last season and even missed a game because of it."


"Eddie Rock, Besler’s agent, said his client has not dismissed the possibility of playing overseas, though he said discussions with Sporting KC have reached “an advanced stage” as the two sides look to reach an agreement on a new contract."


There you have it KC fans—the news Around the Kingdom.

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