KC Chiefs: Recap All 5 Players That Made The Top 100

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The top 100 concluded with Peyton Manning as the number one player of 2014 (no surprise there).

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The Chiefs are very familiar to the Top 100, as they’ve averaged four players per season since the series began and I expect the same for the Top 100 of 2015.

This time, I see at least Charles, Houston, Hali, Berry, Johnson, and Poe* make next  years countdown. I put an * next to Dontari Poe because he is the newest name. It truly isn’t un-realistic to think that all of those players couldn’t be on next years list.

You can check out the entire Top 100 of 2014 with this link right here.

So how do the readers feel about what players made it, and where they were ranked? Over rated? Under rated? Let’s hear it in the discussion below!