KC Chiefs: If They Have To Change Their Name, It Should Be The ‘Chefs’ (video)


The KC Chiefs name has been floating around in a lot of reports lately, due to the recent news of the Washington Redskins and the U.S. Patent and Trademark office cancelling all of their trademark registrations, saying they use an offensive, derogatory slang term. 

The debate has already raged about how offensive “Chiefs” and their logos and traditions are, so I’m not trying to stir that pot any further until we know more about the fight the Chiefs organization may be in to keep their name.

So to lighten the mood a bit on the subject, I wanted to share the old snickers commercial where the field painter misspelled the KC Chiefs name in the endzone of Arrowhead stadium. It’s a classic commercial that is yet to die, as I have been living in Baton Rouge for two years now and people ask me all the time if I remember that commercial when they find out who my favorite team is.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is.

“Great googly moogly” hahaha I mean, who says that?

When I brought up this subject (the possible name change dilemma) at work the other day, we began to think about possible name changes for KC if they’re presented with this issue.

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Without a doubt, my first choice was the ‘Chefs’ only because of this commercial and they’d only have to drop one letter. They could change the logo to a chef’s hat with the same KC style letters and it works because our city loves to grill in the parking lot.

Some other good ones that were brought said,

  • The KC Fountains (lame)
  • The KC  Rulers (only keeping to the ranking titles in our sports teams names)
  • The KC Ligers (I mean, it is a mystical creature)
  • The KC Wranglers (Real. Comfortable. Jeans)
  • The KC Outlaws (The Outlaw, Jesse James, is from Missouri..)

We went on forever playing this game, and I came to the conclusion, the Chefs is the route to go. I want to see what our readers can come up with!

Again, I don’t want to a name change happen, so don’t misunderstand this post. The point is to lighten the mood a bit on the subject AND there really isn’t much else to talk about until training camp in late July.

So I ask our KC Kingdomers, what kind of new nicknames can you come up with for our professional football team? Start the discussion below!