The Chiefs Win Through The Eyes Of A Cowboys Fan


Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

First, I will give my congratulations to the Chiefs and their fans on beating the Cowboys. I am not sure either team proved much either way in terms of what their season might look like but a win is a win. For the win starved Chiefs you take them all and no doubt this one felt pretty good. As promised I will man up and eat my crow. I live and love my team win or lose, so take your best shots Chiefs Nation. Your Chiefs have given you the right to lay the smack talk on me.

As usual the Cowboys were their own worst enemy. As I said in my last article, Dallas is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are going to get. Today Dallas was great at times, and equally as bad at other times. Such is the way of the Cowboys over last 10 years. The fact is, Dallas simply did not capitalize, especially in the first half when they looked like they were dominating the Chiefs defense.

Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The game killer for Dallas as I see it, was getting three while not even taking a shot into the end zone with Dez Bryant standing all alone in the end zone late in the third quarter. If Dallas converts there, they probably go on to win.

I have to admit there were several penalties that miffed me to say the least but a team has to be good enough to overcome those, and Dallas simply did not do that. Dez Bryant had a phenomenal day but dropped the biggest pass of the game, and killed yet another Dallas drive in the fourth.
The Dallas defense was great for the most part but as I warned in my last article Alex Smith has deceptive speed. I wish somebody from the Cowboys would have listened.

Until the very end, they did an absolutely great job on Jamaal Charles, which did surprise me. I thought this was a game Charles had a chance to have a big yardage day.

The Chiefs defense had a very nice day as well, but I think most Kansas City fans will admit the Chiefs would get to Romo a lot more than they did. So did I. The Dallas offensive line was better than expected versus the Chiefs front three. As a Cowboys fan, that is an encouraging sign. If Dallas can protect the pocket like that all year, they will have a chance to win a lot of games.

For the most part, both secondaries had a really good day. Outside of Dez Bryant, no tight ends or receivers had spectacular days. Bowe did have a nice touchdown catch, but was largely shut down as I predicted. I did expect Jason Witten to have a better day so credit Kansas City for keeping him contained.

As far as the rest of the season goes for each team, neither did much to change my original predictions for them. I still see the Chiefs as an 8-8 team and the Cowboys at 9-7.

Dallas has a better chance in my opinion to win their division, if they get hot, than the Chiefs. I know that may seem odd with today’s loss but Dallas does not have Denver in the division, or have to play Peyton Manning twice. Not being able to wrestle the division away from a Manning does not carry much shame.

I can speak for most Cowboys fans and say, from our view, Dallas did a lot to beat themselves today, but they have to be better than that. In the end the Chiefs did just enough and Dallas did just too little, and the difference is a one-point win for Kansas City. It does not get much closer than that.

Enjoy it, Chief fans, and still and always….GO COWBOYS!