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Tear Down Arrowhead Stadium

Dec 1, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; General view of the Arrowhead Stadium during the NFL game between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is time for Arrowhead to go. I know it was recently “renovated” along with Kauffman Stadium which, in my opinion, should be downtown but that is another story. Renovations aside, and no thought of tax dollars wasted, it is time to reduce the home of the Chiefs to rubble and start over again.

Yes, the tailgating experience is top notch. It is a former world record holder for the loudest stadium. From a seating stand point there really is not a bad seat in the house. There are plenty of concession stands and almost enough bathrooms. At capacity the facility holds 79,451 people, ranking in the top five in the NFL.

Opening in 1972, it is not as if Arrowhead is ancient, and it has plenty of life left in it. Despite all of those things Arrowhead must go. Burn it down, blow it up, and take the wrecking ball to it as it simply will never do.

At this point I probably have most Chiefs fans mad at me and you might think this is another one of my anti-Chief rants. It isn’t. It is actually something quite different than you might think. The reason for my wrecking ball dreams is quite simple. I want Kansas City to host a Super Bowl.

I want to experience the euphoria and dazzle of being the host of America’s largest sporting event. The All-Star game gave us a little glimpse of what it could be like. I am a baseball first guy but lets face it, The All Star games pales in comparison to the Super Bowl.

The talk since last week’s open air Super Bowl in New York is that it has paved the way for other cities with open stadiums and cold winters to host as well. I am not convinced, and I will sum up the reason in two words. New York.

Call me a guy with a Midwestern chip on his shoulder if you must, but the fact is Kansas City will never get the opportunity that New York did. Philadelphia may get a shot simply by being on the East Coast, but I doubt it.

The Patriots will probably get a chance because they are the darlings of the NFL and the media. Chicago being “The Second City” has all of the factors in it’s favor a New York does so it has a great chance of hosting. Cities like Buffalo, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Cincinnati will never get that opportunity.

Even storied football towns like Green Bay and Pittsburgh will likely be far down on the list of NFL executives.

The solution. A new Arrowhead with a retractable dome. I know it has been discussed before as part of the long term renovation plan. I saw the silly drawings of the canvas looking lid that would slide on tracks to cover Arrowhead. Apparently the voters of Jackson County saw the bad idea as well because they voted the bond down.

The NFL promised Kansas City a Super Bowl in 2015 if they could have a climate controlled building but that hope died with the bond. It should have. It was a terrible idea.

Being somewhat of a traditionalist I like outdoor football and I don’t want a place that is completely closed in all the time. My dream, and I know it is only a dream, is for Arrowhead to be torn down and rebuilt as a retractable roof stadium similar to Reliant Stadium in Houston.

The Truman sports complex is fine if the Chiefs want to stay there. It does offer decent access in and out and plenty of tailgating space but a retractable roof will bring Super Bowl glitz to Kansas City.

I want for Kansas City the economic boom and adulation that was heaped on Indianapolis in 2012. That Super Bowl raised 384 million in spending, 324 million in GDP, and 46 million in state and local taxes. Kansas City could use that boost in dollars and image and as a Kansas City guy I say we deserve it.

Kansas City has been successfully hosting NCAA events for years and with the All Star game we proved we were “big league” enough for a large scale national event. Kansas City and it’s fans were given many rave reviews for our food, amenities, and general fan graciousness as well as passion for the game. Can you imagine what a Super Bowl would be like?

All it takes is climate controlled building. So Chief fans, fellow Kansas Citians, are you with me? Tear down Arrowhead and give us a retractable dome. Give us a Super Bowl!

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21 Comments on Tear Down Arrowhead Stadium

  1. Jacob says:

    So, this is just a really bad joke, right?

    • jayhwk01 says:

      No. I really would love for KC to host a Super Bowl and it will not happen with arrowhead in it’s current configuration. So you are saying you would not love a 100% brand new retractable roof facility that would attract concerts, indoor and outdoor events, and the Super Bowl? Is it likely? No. Could it happen if the right people had the vision to push for it? Absolutely.

      • Jacob says:

        No, not even no….absolutely not. I wouldn’t trade Arrowhead for anything, let alone a Super Bowl in KC. If the NFL won’t give us the respect we deserve, so be it. I don’t want to give up the best stadium in the NFL and give in to them just so we can have the big game played there once.

      • paul pace says:

        For the most part, Kansas Citizens do not like change. You are not going to get many people with any vision to modernize Kansas City because it is just not done here. I am not criticizing the people that live here just stating fact. It took an arm and leg to get Kansas City to build the Sprint Center because many people didn’t think this city needed a new arena for sporting events, concerts, etc.,etc. Many thought Kemper was just fine with all of it’s leaks and outdated design. So, to think that the people would vote for a new Arrowhead stadium with a retractable roof would be just outside the box. Even a good thought out plan to keep the present stadium but add a retractable roof would not fly either because, again, the mind set of many people is why should we make changes now when the stadium has served us so well since it was built in 1972. Heck it is only 42 years old! The little change that does happen to modernize this city is grudgingly given an inch at a time and is usually criticized by many all the way down the pike. Bottom line, it is what it is and as one poster stated if it’s not broke don’t fix it, which is good philosophy for many things in life except when it comes to modernizing a city. It would be so cool to see Kansas City host a Super Bowl but to have that come true it would take some innovative vision. I am sure I am going to get many negative/nasty responses to my post but it is a free country and I am just expressing my opinion with no disrespect to anyone that thinks differently than me!

      • Matthew.Martin says:

        I could care less about a Super Bowl at Arrowhead anyway. By the time they could get it done, it’s 15 years down the road, I’m 70 years old an on Social Security and a ticket will be around 10 grand. Fugeddaboudit.

  2. kcndaock says:

    No way, I’m with Jacob arrowhead is the chiefs home!! I dont even want a retractable dome on it. Football should be played in the conditions. till its an endangerment to our well being leave it the way it is!! Until then it’ll be loud and proud. I

  3. Michael Tavis says:

    I enjoyed reading this however I don’t agree with it. Tearing down Arrowhead is like saying tear down the statue of liberty so we can build a hotel. I don’t want to demolish a landmark to build something new and hip. Arrowhead wouldn’t be Arrowhead anymore. I don’t want the biggest, newest, best stadium, I want the best team with the best fans. I say they focus on that.

  4. Travis Forsyth says:

    Honestly, I’d rather see kc go to and win a super bowl opposed to hosting one, I don`t really care where it’s played at. If you want to make an argument to tear down arrowhead, it should be because the chiefs never win playoff games there…..However, the chiefs almost never win playoff games to begin with anyway soooo….

    • jayhwk01 says:

      Given the twitter reactions I am getting of requesting I do bodily harm to myself among other things I can safely say you are in the majority. I will say that the renovations were only intended to extend the life of Arrowhead about 15 years so at some point KC and the Chiefs will have to take a hard look at replacement. It is a fact of life of almost all stadiums. There are few Wrigley’s and Fenways and many want those replaced. Even the house that Ruth built was replaced. This was just one idea, and really intended for the benefit of KC in general. I will say I have new appreciation for the loyalty towards Arrowhead. Thanks for reading I do appreciate the banter.

      • Jacob says:

        Having people suggest you harm yourself over having a different opinion is inexcusable. I won’t associate myself with them.

        I’m sure a time will come when Arrowhead will have to be replaced, but I think it’s life is longer than 15 years from now. The stadium doesn’t really show much age, and I personally tried as hard as I could to objectively think of a more beautiful NFL stadium, and I couldn’t. (besides the orange seats in the lower levels, which I’ve never been thrilled about).

        Every Chiefs fan I know loves Arrowhead like a home away from home, and I know fans of other teams who agree that Arrowhead is one of the greatest stadiums still being used. I think it’ll be a LONG time before we see Arrowhead replaced, and it will definitely be tough for fans to let it go.

  5. Butch Davis says:

    Im interested to know where you think the stadium should be relocated if at all. Kansas City public transit is a joke on so many levels and with its current location it would pale in comparison to what it could be if it had a train or rail system to unite portions of its great downtown to its very secluded suburbs

    • jayhwk01 says:

      I agree with you on the public transit. Clay Chastain jokes aside KC could use a decent light rail or commuter train system. Interestingly enough at one time there was commuter rail spur from downtown clear to Lawrence, KS. If you had that the current location of Arrowhead would be fine and honestly I had not thought of a better spot for it. I would have loved for the K to go downtown and still hope someday that might happen. I always thought the legends might be a good spot given the track and the shopping but that always ignites a Missouri vs Kansas debate which completely misses the point. With the T-Bones out there the Royals would not be a good option but Arrowhead….it might deserve some HONEST thought. I honestly don’t think that would ever happen and the outcry from the Missouri side would be significant. I could no really blame them for not wanting to give up Arrowhead. It would be very cool to have a train link between Sprint Center, A downtown K, and Arrowhead at its current location or another site. One of the problems I see with KC has always been we have trouble thinking as a united city.

  6. berttheclock says:

    The voters did not vote down the measure of the retractable roof because they thought it to be a bad roof design. They voted down the measure, which, BTW, cost the city the SB in 2015, because the local Chamber of Commerce and local business men did not like the way it was going to be financed through taxes on goods bought out of state by local business. The method was just unclear enough to muddy the waters and it was rejected. Had the financing been better prepared in the first place and made far clearer to the voters, it may have passed. The NFL did award it for 2015 after the first bond measure passed, but, they pulled it when the second bond measure for the roof failed.

    • jayhwk01 says:

      Based on the reactions I am getting any changes at all to Arrowhead at all are vehemently opposed. I remember seeing the rendering of the retractable roof I honesty thought it made Arrowhead look bad. That said how neat would it be to be talking about hosting a SB in 2015? That really was the point of the article. We know from the NFL what as a city we need to do. This was just but one thought on ways to make it happen.

      • berttheclock says:

        Funny thing is I would imagine there are any number of members of that local Chamber of Commerce, who would love to hear the “Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching” next year.

      • Matthew.Martin says:

        Really? You really didn’t know what the reaction would be to this? One could deduct that you just moved here from New York last week, and know nothing about KC or it’s culture.

        • jayhwk01 says:

          You would deduct incorrectly as I have lived in KC my entire adult life. I understand Arrowhead is loved. I also understand a new Arrowhead would be equally loved but the never do anything to change for the better attitude that seems to haunt KC sport franchises in general is exactly the attitute that has kept us from becoming one of the top sports cities in America. All the potential is there….the desire and vision sadly is not.

    • TAZMOSIS says:

      Thanks, Bert. Chief’s fans don’t remember that they could have had a Super Bowl if only the way to finance the roof had been explained in a more forthright manner. It really sucks that KC would have hosted the 2015 game.

  7. Jake says:

    I don’t think it is possible to justify destroying one of the greatest stadiums in the NFL, not to mention hallowed ground to Chiefs fans, in order to bring a Super Bowl to KC. While yes it would be awesome, I don’t think the city as a whole is ready for that. Another think that has failed to be mentioned here is the fact that if a new stadium were to be constructed, there would almost have to be outside sponsorships. That would mean that the name Arrowhead would go by the wayside. I am extremely proud to call the Truman Sports Complex part of my home because of those two names, Kauffman and Arrowhead. They are two of the quickly dwindling professional sports stadiums that have not sold their name rights to large corporations. This sets us apart from the rest of the sports scene in the country and I know a lot of people who are proud of that. In conclusion I will leave you all with one of the quotes that I live my life by, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

  8. Montez K. says:

    Tear down this post. It sickens me to read the title.

  9. Matthew.martin says:

    This is the most ridiculous post I have ever witnessed. You might as well be asking the entire population of Kansas City to stop having great sex year round, so that you personally can masturbate yourself for three hours once in 50 years. You’re out of touch with reality.

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