Why a New Royals Stadium Will Help KC Win a World Series

Kauffman Stadium
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There is an underrated reason why a new stadium for the Royals will help the organization win a World Series, and fans should be thrilled to hear it.

If you clicked on this article to read up on the politics and tax situation with what's going on in Kansas City involving a potential new stadium for the Royals, this is not the article for you. Instead, we will focus on the aftermath if said stadium is built and what it means for a team and fanbase that would like to see their second World Series title since 1985.

It's no secret that the Royals are usually in the bottom third of the league in terms of payroll but with this offseason and the want for a new stadium that looks like it could change. Since 2010 MLB has seen four new stadiums built (Rangers, Braves, Marlins, Twins.) All four teams saw an uptick in money spent on player salaries.

With the smaller spending teams (Marlins and Twins) there was an almost immediate increase in spending as both teams spent over 50% more in the three years following a new stadium. With the Braves and Rangers, it took a few more years to increase their payroll but once they did they were considered big-market teams and both now have rings on their fingers. The Twins payroll increased immediately and then plateaued, but the Marlins' Payroll was 162.5% higher in years four through six with their new stadium compared to the years before it was built!

Now, the Royals' salary increase would most likely be similar to the Twins, but with a 50% increase to the Royals' projected 2024 payroll (based on FanGraphs projection), they would have the 12th highest payroll in MLB, and the highest in the AL Central.

Team and year new stadium opened

AVG payroll for three seasons before new stadium

AVG payroll for three seasons after new stadium

AVG payroll for years 4-6 after new stadium

Rangers (2020)

$158 Million

$147 Million

$228 Million

Braves (2017)

$136 Million

$143 Million

$189 Million

Marlins (2012)

$48 Million

$75 Million

$126 Million

Twins (2010)

$69 Million

$107 Million

$103 Million

Since 1992 only three teams have won a World Series with an Opening day payroll outside the top 50% of the league. Kerry Miller goes in depth explaining how In a leage where a win cost a little more than $2 Million, teams are willing to spend about four times that much for a win in free agency. With the top dogs continuing to ignore the CBT threshhold and try and out spend each other in order to win it's clear spending money is important.

The Royals finished 23rd in payroll for the 2023 season and 28th in fan attendance. Their 2015 World Series team spent over $150 Million (the team's highest payroll ever at the time.) With the 17th highest payroll in the league, they were able to draw the 10th-highest game attendance because winning sells.

You must spend to win, and a new stadium will bring in revenue and pressure for Owner John Sherman to spend money on talent. Teams want to win while making money and fans want to win while they enjoy their experience.

With two sides and three goals, a new stadium would increase the likelihood of both parties getting what they want.

"If you build it, they will come"- Field of Dreams.

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