Why Andy Reid Will be the Best Coach of All-Time Over Bill Belichick

The battle between Reid and Belichick is closer than one might imagine

Andy Reid's warm, player-friendly personality makes him one of the most beloved coaches in the league
Andy Reid's warm, player-friendly personality makes him one of the most beloved coaches in the league / Chris Pedota, NorthJersey.com / USA
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3. Reid's Endearing Personality vs. Belichick's Grumpy Demeanor

This point is the most important one. Never underestimate the magnitude of simply being a nice person.

People fondly remember those they like and find reasons to discredit folks they don't. In this case, Reid's memory will greatly outshine Belichick's.

Reid is beloved across the league and considered one of the best "player-coaches" in history while Belichick is infamous for being a curmudgeon.

The Chiefs always look like they're having fun and enjoy being around each other. New England's culture stands in direct opposition to that idea - perhaps that's why the Patriots struggle to attract marquee free agents now that Brady is gone.

When both coaches are retired and their accomplishments closer, Reid will get the benefit of the doubt in our memories because he comes off as a genuinely good guy. Some of Belichick's championships are stained by cheating scandals and whether right or wrong, people will remember that.

Today, right now, Belichick is ahead of Reid in the all-time rankings. The gap narrows by the day though, and Reid will move ahead when it's all said and done.

Don't take these moments for granted, Chiefs Kingdom. We're watching the greatest quarterback, the greatest tight end AND the greatest coach ever, it's just a matter of when people realize it.

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