WATCH: Willy Adames Calls Out Royals Fans After Go-Ahead Home Run

Willy Adames hit a game-winning three-run home run against the Royals Tuesday night
Willy Adames hit a game-winning three-run home run against the Royals Tuesday night / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
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The Royals suffered a brutal 6-5 loss to the Brewers on Tuesday, as Willy Adames hit a two-out, go-ahead three-run home run in the top of the ninth inning to stun Kansas City.

James McArthur, who has been excellent overall since becoming the team's closer, blew his second save in as many tries to earn the loss. Things happen over the course of the season, and I still believe in this team after the strong start, but this loss certainly hurts.

To add insult to injury, Adames apparently called his shot and gave Royals fans a jab after the game.

Willy Adames Takes Playful Shot at Royals Fans After Game-Winning HR

In a post-game interview, Adames said Royals fans were chirping in his ear, saying things like "we want you!" Adams said he responded, "You sure about that? If he gets a walk here...the game might be over."

He ultimately proved correct, giving the Brewers a stunning victory in a game it felt like the Royals had already won.

Adams is an excellent hitter at shortstop, putting up 55 homers over the last two seasons. He had seven so far this year, though I think Royals fans are plenty happy with Bobby Witt Jr. and his MVP-like campaign.

For now, the loss stings, but it's exciting to see Kansas City so engaged with baseball again. This team has legitimate playoff aspirations and every game feels important. They'll get a chance to salvage the homestand with the series finale on Wednesday afternoon.