WATCH: First Look at Carson Wentz Practicing With Chiefs Surfaces

Carson Wentz is participating in OTAs with the Chiefs
Carson Wentz is participating in OTAs with the Chiefs / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs fans and coaches got their first look at former No. 2 overall pick Carson Wentz at OTAs (offseason team activities) on Wednesday. Kansas City is Wentz's fifth team in the last five years, so both parties hope this becomes a long and prosperous relationship.

Wentz's proficiency in short-yardage situations could solve the offense's biggest weakness, though he'll likely spend the majority of his time as Patrick Mahomes' backup.

After electing not to re-sign veteran QB Blaine Gabbert, the Chiefs will move forward with Mahomes and Wentz.

First Look at Carson Wentz Practicing With Chiefs

It's not much, and we'll have plenty of time throughout training camp to watch Wentz actually play, but his size is notable. The Chiefs have converted short-yardage situations at a bottom-10 rate in the NFL over the last couple of years. If Wentz can help on QB sneaks, I'm fired up about the acquisition.

Kansas City doesn't do much wrong. We're nitpicking trying to fix these issues, but that's the benefit of being the best team for the last half-decade. You can correct relatively minor problems and keep widening the gap between yourself and others.

Perhaps the Chiefs have no such plans for Wentz and he's purely with the team to be a backup QB. Even still, it's a nice trick to have up your sleeve once the playoffs roll around.

Wentz only started one game for the Rams last year, throwing for 163 yards and two TDs, but he's got 93 career starts and experience in a variety of offenses. If there's something left in the tank, Andy Reid is the person to capitalize.

Wednesday is the final portion of this three-day stretch of OTAs. The team will meet again May 28-30 and June 4-7 before mandatory minicamp June 11-13.

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