Tyreek Hill Reveals What Makes Patrick Mahomes Truly Unique

Patrick Mahomes celebrates his third Super Bowl victory
Patrick Mahomes celebrates his third Super Bowl victory / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We know that Patrick Mahomes is a fire-breathing dragon who demands excellence from all of his teammates, leading to three Super Bowl wins and a plethora of fantastic games as he's surged to the greatest start for a QB in NFL history.

Tyreek Hill saw Mahomes' greatness for himself, having been a key cog in the first Super Bowl champion team of the era, and now he's revealed what separates Mahomes from other QBs around the league.

Appearing with Ryan Clark on The Pivot podcast, Hill recalled a time that Mahomes lit into his skill-position players, demanding better during a time of struggle.

WATCH: Tyreek Hill Recalls Patrick Mahomes Explosion on Teammates

Hill couldn't remember exactly what year, but there was a time that Hill and the Chiefs' other receiving options were playing poorly, naming Travis Kelce, Mecole Hardman, Demarcus Robinson and Sammy Watkins.

"He called the whole offense up," remembered Hill. The All-Pro receiver revealed that Mahomes cursed the entire offense out. "He stood on business." By calling out each individual weapon and pointing them out one by one, chastising Hill for trouble dropping the ball before moving to Kelce and on down the line.

"Oh, it's go time now," Hill recalled thinking. If the QB can look you in your eye and demand greatness, you'd better perform. "You never want to get called out by the leader of your team."

Per Hill's recollection, the Chiefs then started a hot streak. Mahomes' plea to his teammates worked. That's the kind of leadership that Mahomes routinely displays and it's just one example of why he's such a valuable player.

Based on the sound of it, it seems like Hill wishes Tua Tagovailoa would showcase some of that trademark fire as well.

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